b'1RESPONSIBILITIES TO STAKEHOLDERSKosmos Energy 2ETHICALBusinessCONDUCTPrinciples 3OURWORKPLACESKosmos Energy was founded with the goal of creating value for all of our stakeholders: investors, employees, and the governments and citizens of our host countries. We recognize4that creating steady, long-term returns can only be achievedby advancing the societies in which we work.KOSMOS AND THE ENVIRONMENTIn 2013, we adopted the Kosmos Energy Business Principles to formalize this commitment by articulating the values that have always guided our actions. The Business Principles are also informed by what our stakeholders have told us about their expectations of a responsible company.We define how we conduct our business and the standards5to which we hold ourselves accountable through the Business Principles. The Business Principles are supported by moreKOSMOSIN SOCIETYdetailed policies, procedures, and management systems which are referenced in this report and on our website.The Business Principles reflect our values across six areas: Responsibilities to Stakeholders, Ethical Conduct, Our Workplaces, the Environment, Society, and Commercial6Relationships. Although the Business Principles are our standard, the actions we take to adhere to them changeCOMMERCIAL as we evolve as a company.RESPONSIBILITIES7'