b'For more information on theIn addition, Kosmos was the onlyrespected Ghanaian business Voluntary Principles on Securityoil and gas company to supportleaders in 2014 to demonstrate and Human Rights in Ghana,and participate in the annual Newour long-term commitment to please see the countrys websiteYear School and Conference atthe development of Ghana. The dedicated to their implementation:the University of Ghana, Legon.advisory council guides the www.ghanavps.org. Organized by the School ofcompany and serves as a sounding Continuing and Distance Education,board as we work to support the event convened experts inGhanas socio-economic needs various fields to debate issuesand management of oil and gas related to Ghanas development,resources. The six advisory council focusing on the role of the privatemembers provide key insights that sector in job creation. influence our business and above-Editors and journalists are importantground approach.stakeholders in Ghana, as theyMembers of the council were regularly write about domestic oilselected based on their business and gas activities and their workknowledge, diverse points of view, often shapes public understanding.and history of success leading In 2018, we again sponsoredcompanies in Ghana. The advisory the annual Ghana Journalistcouncil has even taken an active role Awards, a forum that encouragesin the Kosmos Innovation Center by professionalism and innovation involunteering as guest lecturers and news reporting across Ghana. business mentors. There is natural alignment between Kosmos and Working in Partnership with CivilIndependent Advisory Council Ghana when it comes to creating Society and Business a well-managed and increasingly Kosmos created an independentproductive petroleum sector.Kosmos maintains regular contactadvisory council comprised of with civil society organizations in Ghana such as the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), the National Resource Governance Institute (NRGI), and the Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (GHEITI). GHEITI is an important forum that Kosmos uses to engage on issues of revenue transparency and anti-corruption. We are a private sector member of the GHEITI multi-stakeholder group, which oversees the public reconciling of payments and receipts between government and extractive companies. Ghana recently completed its seventh oil and gas reporting cycle. Kosmos has been a part of the process in Ghana since its inception.In 2018, Kosmos supported and participated in the Ghana Gas Forum, the countrys leading independent natural gas policy event, which brings together stakeholders from business, government and civil society to discuss the potential of Ghanas emerging gas industry. The output of the forum was presented to the government for potential inclusion in the National Gas Master Plan.33'