b'Government Engagement We are committed to supportingof the Jubilee and TEN fields. In Kosmos regularly engages withpersonal and professional2018, Kosmos-initiated programs the government of Ghana to keepdevelopment for all our employeesfocused our social investment on them informed of our activitiesthrough tailored training programs,youth entrepreneurship through and with the goal of ensuring thatrotations through our otherthe Kosmos Innovation Center, our activities contribute to nationalglobal offices, and attendance atclean drinking water, and small development. As part of ourworkshops and conferences. Incommunity-level projects. Page 36 government engagement efforts in2015, Kosmos achieved a majorof this report describes the Kosmos 2018, we provided all 250 membersmilestone by employing a 100Innovation Center in detail.of the Ghanaian parliament withpercent Ghanaian staffa numberEach year, we contribute to the copies of our Business Principlesthat we have now maintained forJubilee Unit and TEN Development and annual reports. We presentedthe fourth consecutive year. social investment programs. our approach to transparencyIn 2018, we also contracted sixThese initiatives are overseen by including publishing our contractsnational service personnel to worka team of representatives from and payments to governments,in finance, supply chain, humanthe Jubilee Unit co-venturers, anti-corruption policy, and ongoingresources, office administration,including Kosmos. In 2018, the support of the Extractive Industriescorporate affairs and commercialJubilee and TEN social investment Transparency Initiative. We alsodepartments. It is our hope thatprojects focused on three themes: explained the work of the Kosmosthe training and experience theylocal agribusiness and enterprise Innovation Center in supportingreceive while working at Kosmosdevelopment, environmental young Ghanaian entrepreneurshelps prepare them for their futurestewardship, and education in and small- and medium-sizedcareers. science, technology, engineering enterprises.and mathematics (STEM). These Kosmos is a firm believer in creatingSocial Investment Projects projects are carefully designed the right environment for Ghanain collaboration with community We continue to support socialstakeholders to ensure their long-to achieve the governmentsinvestment in Ghana through Sustainable Development Goals. Interm sustainability.Kosmos-initiated programs, as June 2018, we were one of the fewwell as those led by the operator private sector companies invited to participate in an interactive session on Ghanas development with His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana. In addition, in November 2018, we were invited to participate in the Royal Dialogue on the Sustainable Development Goals with His Majesty Otumfou Osei Tutu II, which resulted in the Kumasi Declaration on the Sustainable Development Goals.POSITIVE IMPACTSKosmos is committed to playing its part in creating positive development outcomes for host countries from our oil and gas discoveries. Our largest office outside the U.S. is in Ghana, where sourcing goods and services locally and hiring Ghanaian employees is an important way that we contribute to national development. Kosmos has worked hard to build a network of local suppliers, and provided training and capacity building ourselves to bring them to international industry standards.34'