b'The partnership between Kosmos Energy and Fundao Prncipe is more than a relationship between donor and grantee. Kosmos has become a member of our family with whom we share our passion and love of this work, the islands, and the turtles. It was important that Fundao Prncipe remain independent and be able to speak honestly about Kosmos work in the country regardless of the grant we received. We could not be more happy with the way Kosmos has encouraged us to do exactly thatto push everyone to do their best for the natural resources of the country, for the communities and for our biodiversity. We are pleased to continue this partnership and the work were doing on turtle conservation and monitoring on Prncipe.ESTRELA MATILDE Executive Director, Fundao Principeor teachers-in-training, as wellprogram to recruit students from Strengthening the capacity of the as the maintenance and repair ofeach community to be part oflocal staff through managerial the classrooms and facilities. Thisthe wildlife observation team and technical training sessionsinitiative is being overseen andFilling critical research andWe plan to continue ourmonitored by a steering committeeknowledge gaps on the ecology,partnership with FPT and do our comprised of Kosmos, the Ministryhabitat and status of the seapart to make the island a safe of Education, Culture and Science,turtles to better inform and guidehaven for sea turtles.and ANP-STP. Construction on thistargeted conservation actions project is now underway. Protecting Marine LifeIn addition to the education projects on So Tom island, Kosmos has partnered with Fundao Prncipe Trust (FPT), a Prncipe-based organization devoted to environmental conservation, on an initiative which aims to improve the conservation status of the three species of sea turtles nesting on Prncipe, as well as making the island safe for the five species of sea turtles that inhabit Prncipes waters. The partnership is making progress in several areas: Monitoring and protecting sea turtle populations through patrols of nesting beaches and surrounding waters, as well as engaging coastal communities Raising awareness in local communities to increase support for turtle conservation through an education campaign focusing on secondary school children and freedivers, as well as a 55'