b'POSITIVE IMPACTS accretion rates and thus slowingcapabilities. Since the beginning Although our drilling operations takeerosion, the team has expandedof the hospital partnership, place far offshore with negligiblethe project by upgrading theKosmos has donated surgical tools, impact on coastal areas, Kosmos isexisting STUs and engaging localmachines for monitoring patient committed to preserving the coastalcommunity members to plantvital metrics, defibrillators (AEDs), environment and supporting coastalmangrove juveniles along the coastand intensive care unit beds.communities in Suriname. of Weg naar Zee. Kosmos also supports St. Vincentius Mangroves grow abundantly alongIn addition to partnering withHospital, the second largest in Surinames coastline and preventthe university on mangroveSuriname, through the donation coastal erosion. The area of Wegconservation and research,of neonatal equipment, such as naar Zee, north of Paramaribo,Kosmos is also supportingdelivery beds, infant resuscitators, experiences frequent flooding andthe local universitys mastersand phototherapy lamps.erosion due to the loss of mangrovedegree program in Sustainable forests. The flooding and rising seaManagement of Natural Resources. levels have affected nearly 3,000The support included the donation community members, includingof 36 advanced computers that artisanal fishermen, farmers, andstudents can use to run more bee keepers. In addition, erosion hassophisticated computer applications threatened to destroy two importantin pursuit of their studies.cultural and religious sites. Improving HealthcareKosmos has partnered with Conservation International andThe Academic Hospital Paramaribo Anton de Kom University on ais the largest hospital in Suriname multi-year project to mitigate theand serves as a major medical coastal erosion at Weg naar Zee byresearch hub for the country. building Sediment Trapping UnitsThe government of Suriname (STUs). These structures promotehas prioritized developing the sediment deposition and createhospital. In support of the nationalEmbracing Innovationconditions for halting and reversingdevelopment agenda, Kosmos erosion. Mangrove juveniles grow inhas committed multi-year supportOur multi-year support of technical the newly formed mud banks, bothto the academic hospital and theeducation and STEM disciplines naturally and when planted by localtraining of its staff. naturally encourages innovation in researchers.Kosmos began by working withSuriname. In 2018, we continued The mangrove restoration projecthospital personnel in 2016 toto support programs that target team now has more than two yearsidentify needs and create a planthe intersection of technology and of data from which to evaluate thefor how Kosmos and other oilsocial entrepreneurship. effectiveness of the STUs. Sinceand gas operators in SurinameWe worked with a local the first phase of the project wascan work together to build theorganization, IT Core, as a sponsor successful in increasing sedimenthospitals research and patient careof a three-month hackathon which applied elements of gaming to other areas to motivate young people to solve real world problems. More than 100 young people participated in the 2018 program which included idea-building, business pitching, and prototyping. They received coaching and mentorship as part of the experience.Kosmos also supported the Digital Talents Academy, an organization that provided technology and soft-skills training to young people who are interested in pursuing careers in information and communications technology.Mangrove restoration is an important part of fighting coastal erosion in Suriname. 59'