b'In 2017, Kosmos and its partner Trident Energy acquired Hess Corporations interests in the oil-producing Ceiba and Okume fields (Block G) and signed three new exploration licenses for offshore blocks W, S, andEG-21. Kosmos has also since acquired offshore block EG-24. The national oil company, GEPetrol, also owns interests in the fields and blocks.K osmos is the operator ofengagement, and grievancevessel with any concerns once blocks W, S, EG-21, and EG- mechanisms. We have conductedoperations began. We also trained 24. A joint venture company,similar training in other countriesand hired four Equatoguineans to Kosmos Trident Equatorial Guineawhere we operate. For morework as Fishing Liaison Officers Incorporated (KTEGI), was theinformation on our supply chain(FLOs) on board the seismic vessel operator of the Ceiba and Okumepolicies, please see page 19. to engage with any fishing boats production assets throughout 2018,We also established an employeeencountered offshore. Eleven leveraging the distinct expertise ofwhistleblower mechanism andgovernment representatives were each company, combining Kosmosconducted company-wide trainingalso trained in offshore safety to be exploration and subsurfaceon the aim, accessibility, andable to participate in, and observe, expertise with Tridents operationalconfidentiality of the mechanism.the survey.capabilities. At year-end 2018,The mechanism has been extendedDuring the seismic survey, Marine the joint venture was ended andto key contractors so theirMammal Observers (MMOs) on Kosmos now retains a direct 40%employees can also use it to reportthe vessel noted the presence of interest in Block G.confidentially any concerns relatedHumpback whales in the vicinity. to our operations.The extent of the presence of Finally, as is our practice, wewhales was unexpected, and after conducted a security riskextensive discussions with the assessment for our operations inonboard MMOs regarding how Equatorial Guinea, integrating theto respond to the situation, the Voluntary Principles on Securitydecision was made to restrict and Human Rights. certain operations to daylight hours and expand the mitigation zone, HUMAN RIGHTS DUE followed by a move to a different DILIGENCE AND TRAINING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT part of the planned survey area In keeping with regular practice,In 2018, Kosmos completed a 3Daway from the whales. In the end, Kosmos engaged a third-partyseismic survey across blocks W, expert to conduct human rightsS EG-21, and EG-24. Before the due diligence for our anticipatedsurvey began, we conducted a in-country activities ahead ofthorough Environmental Impact entering Equatorial Guinea. TheAssessment (EIA) and engaged report stressed the importancewith fishing communities to provide of community engagement, asinformation on the purpose of well as policy implementation andthe survey, the vessel that would monitoring. be conducting the work and the importance of safety around it, From the beginning of ourand to hear about any concerns investment, KTEGI adopted theregarding our planned activities. Kosmos Business Principles, Anti- The EIA process included public Corruption Policy, and Code ofmeetings in the districts of Bata Conduct. and Mbini, which were attended by In 2018, we conducted training formore than 150 fishing community all employees on implementationrepresentatives. of these policies, including humanKosmos established a community rights training for all KTEGI staff,grievance mechanism so that with an emphasis on labor rights,members of the community could the supply chain, communitycontact the company or the seismic 23'