b'At the request of EITIs SenegalPOSITIVE IMPACTSchapter, we sponsored andSince entering Senegal in 2014, contributed to the development ofKosmos has supported a range two public educational documentsof social investment projects on topics of interest related to oildesigned to:and gas: How to Develop Cross-Improve quality of life in fishing border Oil and Gas Resources: Lessons Learned from Internationalcommunities Experience and Catching the Early Restore the environment and Worm: An Educational Document oncombat coastal erosion along the Lessons Learned from Oil and GasLangue de Barbariein Ghana for the Senegal Extractive Protect the environment and Industry Transparency Initiative. biodiversity in Djoudj National These documents are now beingBird Park used by the EITI in capacity Support a graduate degree building programs to help improve understanding of the oil and gasprogram in Senegal on industry. Catching the Early Wormmanaging the impact of the was written by the Africa Centre forextractives sector Energy Policy (ACEP), a prominentIn 2017, these projects were Ghanaian civil society organization.transitioned to BP as they assumed Kosmos sent two people from Senegalese civil society to a Natural Resource Governance InstituteIn November 2018, Kosmos fundedoperatorship of the exploration (NRGI) summer school on resource governance atthe authors of the report to travelblocks and GTA project.the University of Central Africa in Cameroon.from Accra to Dakar to present and discuss their work with the SenegalKosmos Innovation Center ENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group.Expands into SenegalKosmos led or participated inFor the third consecutive year, workshops and conferences inIn 2018, we expanded the activities Kosmos sponsored members ofof the Kosmos Innovation Senegal in 2018 on transparencySenegalese civil society to attend and good governance of naturalCenter (KIC) into Senegal with a Natural Resource Governancethe first annual Senegal Start-resources.Institute (NRGI) summer school Up Accelerator, an initiative We continued our regularon resource governance at themodeled on a successful program engagement with the EITI,University of Central Africaimplemented by the KIC in Ghana. supporting the dissemination ofin Cameroon. Topics coveredLike other countries, Senegal faces the 2017 EITI report by presentingincluded oil and gas projecthigh youth unemployment but at a workshop in Saint Louis. Welifecycles, revenue flows duringhas many talented entrepreneurs also sponsored and presented at andifferent stages of the project, theand significant opportunities for EITI Africa conference on beneficialcauses and impacts of changes inmotivated business leaders to start ownership transparency held inoil price, contract transparency,their own companies. Dakar following the EITIs annualcorruption risks, and managing Board meeting which was also heldthe environmental impacts ofThe Senegal Start-Up Accelerator, in Dakar.exploration and production.launched in partnership with Reach for Change, is helping In 2018, we also sponsored andyoung Senegalese entrepreneurs participated in the third annualdevelop innovative solutions to National Conference on Sustainablechallenges in the agricultural and Development organized by theenvironmental sector. Ministry of the Environment. The event brought togetherThe program starts with a week-government officials, industry, civillong selection process where society and academia to discusspotential candidates are thoroughly the sustainable development of oilintroduced to the program; and and gas resources.the program leaders to their business ideas. With this depth How to develop cross-borderWe continue to work in partnership oil and gas resources of understanding, ten people are LESSONS FROM INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE with BP to continue these typesselected to move forward in the of capacity building engagementsprocess. These ten finalists undergo Catching the with government, civil society, Early Worm An educational documentan intensive boot camp with on lessons learned from oiljournalists and local communities business experts and then pitch for and gas in Ghana, for the Senegal Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative in Senegal.48'