b'A Conversation with Andy Inglis,KOSMOS ENERGYS CHAIRMANAND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERChairman and Chief Executive Officer Andy Inglis talks about Kosmos Energys commitment to corporate responsibility and how the company pursues continuous improvement.Kosmos Energysof world-scale developmentensure we make mutually Q business andprojects, and a diversified andbeneficial decisions that footprint havegrowing production base. strengthen the trust we create evolved significantly overOur commitment to corporateby operating in the right way.the last several years. Hasresponsibility is stronger your approach to corporatethan ever. Rapid growth andHow does Kosmos responsibility changed with it?opportunity only reinforce myQ build the trust you The pace of changeambition for Kosmos to staymention? Is Kosmos A has been significant.on the front edge of corporateactually different from other We recently completedresponsibility. We cannotcompanies? two major acquisitions inachieve our goal of being theWe work very hard Equatorial Guinea and the U.S.leading deepwater companyA to align our business Gulf of Mexico that includedin the Atlantic Margin unlesswith a countrys exploration opportunitieswe deliver on this objective.development and socio-and production assets,When we enter a country, weeconomic priorities. Its about creating powerful newexpect to operate there forcreating a shared agenda by pathways for growth. Todaysmany years. We aim to beforging authentic relationships Kosmos creates value fora long-term partner, deeplywhich then leads to mutually shareholders and stakeholderscommitted to helping our hostbeneficial results for both through a portfolio fillednations create a brighter futurecountry and company. It with infrastructure-led andbecause we know our futurerequires transparency, respect, basin-opening explorationsuccess is fully connected todelivering on commitments, opportunities along thetheirs. Country and companyand being honest about what Atlantic Margin, a pipelineremains our touchstone toyou cant deliver. 2'