b'In late 2017, Kosmos acquired five blocks offshore Cte dIvoire as part of an expansion of its exploration activities in the Gulf of Guinea. This area offshore Cte dIvoire is thought to be an extension of the Tano Basin in Ghana, which the Kosmos exploration team opened with the Jubilee oil discovery in 2007. Cte dIvoires offshore area provides an opportunity for Kosmos and its partner BP to formulate a frontier basin exploration strategy and pursue new technical themes.K osmos and BP each acquiredKOSMOS INNOVATION CENT I ERand men are learning how to an equal 45%-45% workingEXPANDS INTO CTE DIVO RE overcome barriers to growth interest in five contiguousIn 2018, we expanded the activitiesand how to build competitive blocks covering approximatelyof the Kosmos Innovation Centerbusinesses that generate wealth for 17,000 square kilometers.(KIC) into Cte dIvoire withfellow Ivoirians through improved PETROCI, the national oil companythe launch of a comprehensivesales and new job creation. More of Cte dIvoire, has a 10% carriedbusiness accelerator programthan 300 entrepreneurs in coastal working interest in the blocks ascalled Stimulating the Spirit ofcommunities have been selected to well. Kosmos is the explorationEntrepreneurship in Cte dIvoire.take part in the program. Over the operator and BP will be theThe accelerator aims to helpcourse of four months, participants development operator in the eventyoung Ivorian entrepreneursreceive intensive business and of a commercial discovery. and small enterprises developmanagerial support training, A multi-client 3D seismic acquisitiontheir businesses sustainably andfinancial consultancy, and one-to-program covering approximatelyunlock economic prosperity in theone mentorship. 12,000 square kilometers in Kosmoscountrys coastal and other regions.After the four-month incubation blocks was completed in 2018.The program was developed inperiod, all 300 entrepreneurs Together with BP, we are nowpartnership with the Directionpresent their work to a jury. analyzing and interpreting the data.Gnrale des HydrocarburesAround 180 will progress through If this work yields promising results(DGH) and is being delivered bythis stage, and receive five in the form of prospects indicatingTechnoServe, an internationalmonths of additional support to the potential presence of oil and gasnonprofit that promotes businesshelp implement their business in commercial quantities, then thesolutions to poverty in thegrowth plan. Further training and two companies will decide where todeveloping world by linking peoplementoring is provided, as well drill an exploration well in the future. to information, capital and markets.as support to access financial Through the accelerator program,institutions and funding.MANAGING OUR FOOTPRINT small enterprises led by women In 2019, Kosmos began the process of opening an office in Cte dIvoire and started building a small team of employees in Abidjan, including a local national as country manager. Kosmos also worked to deepen its knowledge of the operating environment in Cte dIvoire and establish relationships with key stakeholders in government, industry, NGOs and civil societyincluding the Cte dIvoire Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).A participant in the new Kosmos Innovation Center program in Cte dIvoirebrainstorms business strategy as part of her training.51'