b'their place in the accelerator. Five businesses move forward to take part in the six-month program. Participants are guided through the early and fragile stages of business growth, learning everything from how to develop customer profiles and how to carry out competitor analysis, to how to make a product roadmap and develop a sustainable revenue model for their business. Six months later, the aim is to launch five new businesses with the potential to help transform the agricultural industry in Senegal.Creating Local OpportunitiesKosmos and BP committed to a multi-million dollar investment in support of the newly created National Institute of Oil and Gas (INPG), designed to build national capacity for the emerging oil and gas industry in Senegal. The INPG was inaugurated by President Macky Sall and welcomed its first cohort of students for a specializedKosmos and BP both becamewill be working with leading oil masters degree in oil and gasfounding members of Invest inand gas industry operators and engineering in October 2018. Africas Senegal chapter in 2018.tier-one service providers to help In addition to building the capacityInvest in Africa is a nonprofitSenegalese businesses better of people who might work inenterprise specializing in helpingunderstand the oil and gas sector the oil and gas sector, Kosmossmall companies develop theirand prepare to make the most and BP have taken steps to helpbusinesses and improve theirof future opportunities in the established businesses become acompetitiveness by creatingindustry. Invest in Africa plans to part of the oil and gas supply chain.access to skills, markets andlaunch a number of programs in finance. In Senegal, Invest in AfricaSenegal in 2019. Young entrepreneurs with the Kosmos Innovation Center in Senegal learn about starting and growing businesses that use technology to address challenges in the agriculture and environmental sectors.49'