b'marine conservation, as well as support for womens micro-enterprises, creating and selling jewelry made from recycled local materials to improve livelihoods, which creates an alternative source of income and deters turtle poaching. NATIONAL CONTENTLocal content and nationalization is a key priority for Kosmos and the government in Equatorial Guinea.There were approximately 78 employees in the KTEGI office in Bata at the end of 2018, 58% of whom were Equatoguineans. Kosmos and its partners are working on a training and nationalization plan to increase this over time.Related to Kosmos exploration Kosmos work offshore Equatorial Guinea focuses on infrastructure-led exploration in which newwork in 2018, four local discoveries can be brought into production quickly through existing facilities. representatives and eleven government representatives were ongoing positive impacts forcollaboration on social projects, toprovided with offshore training to Equatorial Guinea.improve outcomes and enhancework on or observe the seismic Kosmos also initiated an annualdelivery for the benefit of thesurvey. Kosmos works with local social investment program forpeople of Equatorial Guinea.vendors wherever possible, and exploration blocks W, S and EG- We therefore set up an industrygenerated more than $300,000 of 21, which focused on bringinggroup, bringing together thebusiness with Equatoguinean firms benefits to coastal communities.corporate social responsibilityin 2018 just through exploration This included drilling and installingteams of all operators in the countryactivities related to Blocks W, solar-powered water wells in theto share lessons learned andS, EG-21, and EG-24. We believe communities of Handje and Nume,coordinate on projects. Two initialthis investment indirectly created as well as an electric water wellmeetings of this group were held inseveral dozen local jobs. in Rio Campo. Access to clean2018 and we expect the process toKosmos expects to open an office drinking water remains a challengecontinue in 2019 and beyond. in Malabo in 2019 and create its for many rural communities inIn addition, KTEGI conducted itsown small team of employees Equatorial Guinea, and the threeown social investment program,in Equatorial Guinea, led by the water wells Kosmos installed inwhich in 2018 included furtherindustrys first Equatoguinean 2018 will benefit an estimatedclean water initiatives, thecountry manager.1,300 people. In 2018, Kosmosconstruction of a primary school also funded renovations to thein a rural community in the AnisokTRANSPARENCYCORAFRICA primary school inregion, support to a school for Bata, benefitting over 400 childrendeaf children in the city of Bata,In 2018, Kosmos engaged with that attend the school, as well asand support for the Bioko Marinethe government of Equatorial their teachers. Turtles Program. The latter is aGuinea, as well as national and After starting to lead our ownpartnership with Purdue Universityinternational stakeholders on social investment program, Kosmosin the United States that conductsissues related to transparency, noticed that oil and gas operatorsresearch and activities to improveincluding the potential application in Equatorial Guinea were oftensea turtle conservation on theby the government to re-join the working in similar areas of socialisland of Bioko. The projectExtractive Industries Transparency development and suspectedincludes a broad outreach programInitiative. Kosmos is supportive of that there may be opportunitiesto teach Equatoguinean schoolthis initiative and the dialogue that for stronger coordination andchildren on the importance ofinforms the process.25'