b'BUSINESS PRINCIPLE IN ACTION:TRANSPARENCY AND DISCLOSURES IN AN EVOLVING REGULATORY ENVIRONMENTKosmos aspires to be a leader inagencies, parliamentarians, civilWe have been a Supporting transparency and anticorruption.society organizations, and mediaCompany of the EITI since We have set a high standardoutlets working to promote good2012. Kosmos has operations for transparent behavior bygovernance and transparency inin six countries that have disclosing the terms of ourthe oil and gas sector. implemented or are in the process petroleum agreements andWe strongly support the workof implementing the EITI: Cte reporting payments made to ourof the Extractive IndustriesdIvoire, Ghana, Mauritania, So host governmentsincludingTransparency Initiative (EITI),Tom and Prncipe, Senegal, and specific entitiesat the projecta leading global standard thatSuriname. In these countries, we level and in aggregate. We arestrengthens governance byengage with the EITI through open about our business dealingspromoting transparency andfeedback and dialogue in the with host governments becauseaccountability in the oil, gas, andmulti-stakeholder groups. Kosmos transparency builds trust andmining sectors.is a member of the EITI steering accountability. All of our petroleumcommittee in Ghana, Mauritania, agreements with host governmentsThe EITI requires participatingSuriname, and as of 2018, in So are available on our website atgovernments to establish aTom and Prncipe as well.www.kosmosenergy.com. Themulti-stakeholder steering group Performance Data on page 65 comprised of representatives ofWe play an active role in the EITI of this report lists the payments governments, business, and civilprocess in other countries. We we made to governments in 2018. society to oversee a process inadvocate for the adoption of EITI which companies declare materialby our host governments. When Kosmos has met with stakeholderspayments to government, andwe operate in countries that are around the world who want tothe government declares allnot yet members of the EITI, we better understand how the oil andmaterial receipts from extractiveactively promote the EITI and the gas industry works. To that end,companies. These figures aretransparent management of any we have organized and facilitatedreconciled, and any discrepanciesrevenues from natural resources. workshops in nearly every countryare identified and investigated by where we operate to deepen thean independent expert.knowledge of various government A Kosmos employee leads a capacity building workshop for Senegalese stakeholders on the oil and gas value chain in partnership with the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI). 11'