b'In a move that illustrates the trust that we have built, Staatsolie asked Mike Resomardono, our external affairs manager, to draft a plan for how international companies could support technical and vocational education in Suriname. The recommendations will be presented to Staatsolie and other oil and gas companies. This project builds on Mr. Resomardonos previous work leading multi-stakeholder initiatives, including a healthcare project in which Kosmos, Staatsolie, and other international companies donated $830,000 to support local needs.TransparencyKosmos has been in an active dialogue with the government of Suriname about the potential benefitsAs part of Kosmos global effort of dredging the Suriname River to allow larger boats to access ports in Paramaribo. to promote transparency, we have actively supported Surinames ENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING independent consultant. This studyeffort to join the Extractive Since the end of our 2018 drillingidentified opportunities whereIndustries Transparency Initiative campaign, we have been lookinglocal companies in Suriname can(EITI). Surinames application to for ways to increase local contentparticipate in, or build capacity tobecome a candidate country was in Suriname in anticipation of aparticipate in, current and future oilapproved in May 2017, and the first second wave of drilling in 2020.and gas activities. EITI reports for 2016 and 2017 will We are engaging with Staatsolie,Throughout the study, thebe published in 2019. As a member the national oil company, andconsulting firm worked withcountry, Suriname is required to Surinames government on twolocal companies and small- andpublicly disclose revenues received important areas: medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)from the extractive industry to assess their ability to support(petroleum and mining) and Evaluating the costs and benefits the oil and gas supply chain.Theencourage public debate regarding of dredging the Suriname Riverstudy estimated the range of localgovernment management of to make it easier for large vesselscontent expenditure that would bethe countrys natural resources.to use ports in Suriname, and contributed over the life of a typicalKosmos represents the oil and gas Improving Surinames overallproject. The study also identifiedsector in EITI as one of 18 membersindustrial capacityviable areas of capacity building andof the Multi-Stakeholder Group. Kosmos has been in an activeinvestment which could maximize dialogue with the governmentlocal content for each scenario.of Suriname about the potentialWe will continue to seek ways to benefits of dredging the Surinameincrease local participation in our River to allow larger boats tosupply chain, while supporting access ports in Paramaribo. Asgovernment efforts to ensure anyEditors and journalists are part of that dialogue, we sharedfuture oil and gas operations areimportant stakeholders in specific purchases that we made ina driver of economic growth andSuriname, as they regularly write Trinidad instead of Suriname due tosustainable development.about domestic oil and gas superior port access in Trinidad.WeA related study conducted byactivities and their work often estimate that making the Surinamethe same independent consultingshapes public understanding. In River at least two meters deeper infirm developed a technical and2018, we held a three-day media specific areas would enable Kosmosvocational education strategy forworkshop to educate journalists and the rest of the industry to baseSuriname. The strategy aims toregarding oil and gas activities, more operations in Suriname.provide for a structured discussionand set reasonable expectations To identify areas where Surinamesbetween international oil andfor exploration activities prior overall industrial capacity can begas companies, the nationalto our 2018 drilling campaign. In improved, Kosmos worked withoil company, the Ministry of2019, Kosmos plans to organize Staatsolie and other internationalEducation, and technical schoolsa second media workshop to operators to commission anto support the development ofdeepen journalists knowledge of industrial baseline study by anSurinames workforce.petroleum operations. 58'