b'6 E provide the necessary training or certification to elevate them to the standard. This is frequently BUSINESS the case, as we operate in several PRINCIPL countries with nascent oil and gas industries. We periodically organize contractor forums to provide training and reinforce our HSE-related expectations. Local and multinational contractors attend these sessions in order to further commit themselves to working within our standards. It is critical that our suppliers and contractors fully understand their contractual obligations regarding anti-corruption provisions. Our local procurement or compliance Commercial professionals offer one-on-one sessions with our suppliers to explain our requirements under our policies, the U.S. Foreign Responsibilities Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, the UK Bribery Act of 2010, and other relevant local legislation. During this process, we often identify areas for additional training within our local supply chain.A t Kosmos, we see ourTheir willingness to observeWe seek to maximize the amount of interactions with localthe standards articulated in ourgoods, services, and employment business partners asBusiness Principles and supportingthat we source locally. Our local another way to contribute to thepolicies is a key consideration incontent approach aims to enable countries in which we operate. Inthe selection process.people to access jobs, and to enable fact, in the event of explorationbusinesses to access supply chain When a potential local supplieropportunities through Kosmos.success, oil and gas developmentis found to be outside our HSE can be an important engine ofstandards, we often work to economic development. WE SEE OUR INTERACTIONS WITH LOCAL BUSINESS PARTNERS AS ANOTHER WAY TO CONTRIBUTETO THE COUNTRIES IN WHICH WE OPERATE.We maintain high standards for our suppliers and commercial partners in terms of safety, the environment, and anti-corruption. Suppliers are required to adhere to our Business Principles. 19'