b'adapted to reflect the evolving nature of our business activities. Our local leadership teams and HSE advisors are mentored through these exercises to develop their ability to lead on the ground during an incident. In addition to training personnel, Kosmos carefully considers the technology and drilling equipment that it uses. Our Well Integrity Management System governs well design and how wells are drilled, completed, and tested. We believe in safe and efficient operations that are consistent with strong well governance procedures and internationally recommended bestAs part of our Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, we evaluate potential effects on sea practices.birds such as those photographed here in Mauritanias Diawling National Park.We finished 2018 with a Totaltargets are a TRIR and LTIR of lesseffortthrough safety vigilance, Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) ofthan 1.1 and 0.5, respectively, zeroawareness of surroundings, and 1.99 and a Lost Time Incident Ratespills, and zero fines/penalties. Wefocusing on the task at hand. In (LTIR) of 0.5, against our globalaim to be an injury-free workplace2018, we continued to require targets of less than 1.1 and 0.5,no matter where in the world wepersonal and occupational safety respectively. We had zero fines andoperate and recognize that eachtraining for all employees to zero spills. Our 2019 performanceindividual needs to play a role in thisreinforce our safety culture.So Tom and Prncipe are rich in biodiversity, including many endemic species. In 2018, Kosmos initiated several social and environmental projects to ensure benefits reach both islands.XX15'