b'corporate focus areas and priorities, geographic relevance, and available budget.In 2018, we donated more Are there any than $110,000 to a range of The Power oforganizations serving the greater Gold: AsanteDallas-Fort Worth area, including:Royal Regaliafrom Ghana Buckner International, a nonprofit photosthat provides support services available? to families in distress, vulnerable children, and aging adults. Literacy Achieves, an organization that works to equip non-English speaking adults and their young children with English literacy and life skills to promote self-sufficiency. Literacy Achieves serves Vickery Meadows, a neighborhood near our Dallas headquarters. Jill Stone Elementary School, a school in the Vickery Meadows neighborhood. Kosmos provided care boxes to families in need.Sword ornament in the form of a lion / Ghana, Nsuta, Asante peoples / c. mid-20th century /The Power of Gold: Asante Royal Regalia from Ghana on loan to the Dallas Museum of ArtAberg Center for Literacy, an East Dallas organization which When this knowledge is shared,The Power of Gold was the firstprovides English literacy courses it becomes a catalyst for deeperexhibition on this subject matterand prepares people for the understanding and greater trustat an American museum in moreGeneral Education Development among societies.than 30 years. Kosmos underwrote(GED) tests that provide the educational programming andcertification of high school-level The people of Dallas will enjoyacademic skills.the fruits of the scholarship nowcommunity outreach associated with the exhibition. Salvation Army Angel Tree taking place at the DMA on the Keir Collection and will be able toProgram, an initiative that view and learn from the collectionprovides clothing, toys, and daily for free. By supporting the displayessentials to children and aging of the Keir Collectionand theadults in Dallas who usually go scholarship and knowledge itwithout Christmas gifts. Our has and will continue to generateemployees serve as anonymouswe are proud to play a role inEmployee-Driven Philanthropy donors who adopt these children increasing the understanding ofIn addition to working with largeand aging adults in an expanding people everywhere. corporate partners like the DMAChristmas tradition that makes In 2018, our work with DMAand Perot Museum, Kosmosthe season brighter for both the expanded to include sponsorship ofsupports smaller organizations andgift giver and receiver.a unique Ghana-focused exhibition.initiatives as a way to make the Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit Spanning three centuries, TheDallas-Fort Worth area a betterorganization that helps people Power of Gold: Asante Royalplace to live and work. in our community build or Regalia from Ghana showcasedAs there are more requests forimprove a place they can call more than 250 objects from adonations than the company canhome. The company supports range of museums as well as thefulfill, opportunities are reviewedHabitat for Humanity through DMAs own collection. It featuredand sanctioned by an employee- both donations and in-kind crowns, sword ornaments,run philanthropy committee thatcontributions like a day of service furniture, textiles, jewelry madeevaluates each request in thein which our employees volunteer of wood, silk, brass, iron and gold,context of company guidelines,their time.and other items. Importantly, 29'