b'In 2018, Kosmos worked with2019, and potential future drillingPOSITIVE IMPACTSBP to prepare for and begin anactivities, we participated in publicKosmos and its partners are environmental baseline study relatedconsultation forums and met withobligated to spend approximately to blocks 10 and 13. The study,a variety of government and civil$3.3 million on social investment which began June 2018 and willsociety stakeholders. projects over four years (2016-2019) run through July 2019, uses passivePrior to our 2017 seismic program,under the terms of our production acoustic monitoring equipment toKosmos and its partners engagedsharing contracts with the measure ambient noise levels andwith fishing communities, andgovernment for blocks 5, 11 and 12. collect data on the presence ofestablished a formal grievance sensitive species such as whales andTo ensure this social investment mechanism for individualsobligation results in real benefit sea turtles. The data collected frompotentially impacted by our this study will be included in ESHIAsto the people of So Tom and activities. The assessment includedPrncipe, Kosmos has engaged with that will be conducted ahead ofextensive consultation on both future activities, such as seismicthe government to understand its islands, which presented severalnational development priorities and surveys and drilling. opportunities for interested formulate a strategic plan for the Kosmos and BP have prepared anparties to provide feedback. Thiseducation sector.ESHIA related to future seismicfeedback was incorporated into the activities in block 10, which wasEnvironmental Management PlanSo Tom and Prncipe has high developed by independentand survey design. levels of literacy compared to consultants and approved by themany other developing countries. To keep stakeholders informed, aHowever, the countrys young Ministry of Infrastructure, Naturalcommunity engagement program Resources and Environment.demographicover 60% of the was also conducted ahead of thepopulation is under the age of 24 We are committed to workingseismic acquisition. The program presents significant challenges closely and transparently with localincluded members from Kosmos,in the education sector which the and international stakeholdersGalp, Agencia Nacional do Petroleogovernment is eager to address.to safeguard So Tom andde So Tom e Prncipe (ANP-STP), Prncipes unique biodiversity. Bythe national oil company, the localAccording to recent government following international standardsNGO MARAPA, and the Ministry ofdata, the key challenges are:and engaging in dialogueFisheries. After the seismic campaignClass size: an average of 80with international and localhad concluded, we re-visited keystudents per classroomorganizations, we believe oil andlocal and international stakeholdersgas exploration can proceed in ato update them on the completionPace of development: Inadequate responsible and environmentally- of the survey and the success ofuse of technology due to lack of sensitive manner. our environmental mitigation plans.infrastructure and trainingA similar engagement program isInstruction: Insufficient numberENGAGEMENT AND LISTENING scheduled ahead of the plannedof teachers, many of whom lack 2019 seismic survey. necessary trainingKosmos is committed to transparency and active promotionFrom 2017 to the present, KosmosThus, the goals of the education of the Extractive Industrieshas had an ongoing dialogue withinitiative include improving access Transparency Initiative (EITI)Fauna & Flora International (FFI)to quality education, reducing the in each of our host countries,regarding our seismic planning andaverage number of students per including So Tom and Prncipe,future activities offshore So Tomclassroom, and preparing students which has been a member countryand Prncipe. FFI provided valuablefor the future labor market.since 2012. feedback on our survey designKosmos is in the process of building and mitigation measures, and wetwo new secondary schools and Kosmos has established regularagreed to continue conversations engagement with EITI and in 2018associated facilities (in Santana and around seismic acquisition andMonte Caf) and adding classrooms became a member of the multi- any future exploration drilling. We stakeholder group in So Tomand additional facilities to two also shared cetacean and marineexisting schools in Neves and So and Prncipe. In 2018, Kosmos andmammal data acquired by our its partners held two knowledge- Maral. This commitment will add marine fauna observers and otheran additional 44 classrooms in high building workshops on the oil andscientists on the seismic vessel gas industry, one on each island,priority locations on the island of during the acquisition program. So Tom. Once these projects for local stakeholders.are completed, the Ministry of During the ESHIA process relatedEducation, Culture, and Science to our seismic survey in 2017,will take responsibility for staffing the planned seismic program inthe schools with qualified teachers 54'