b'B 1 SS trust and accountability. We believe Kosmos is the only oil and gas company in the world to USINE publish all of its contracts with PRINCIPLE host governments and we are the first U.S. oil and gas company to disclose project-level payments to governments. The Performance Data on page 65 of this report lists the payments we made to governments in 2018.COMMUNITIESWe believe in engaging local communities in a manner that creates economic and social opportunity and respects human rights. Investing in community Responsibilities relationships ahead of drilling operations, during development projects, and during production operations is a key part of our to Stakeholders approach. Our Stakeholder Engagement and Community Development Policy explains the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable when interacting with communities. We have published this policy S trong and supportiveEMPLOYEES on our website at: http://www.partnerships underpin ourWe aim to provide a stimulatingkosmosenergy.com/society-and-business and create value.and rewarding work environmentcommunities/.Our stakeholders are interestedthrough a culture that promotes or potentially affected parties,entrepreneurial thinking, facilitatesBUSINESS PARTNERSincluding shareholders, employees,teamwork, and embraces ethicalAND SUPPLIERSgovernments, citizens of our hostbehavior. Directors, officers, and countries, communities, businessemployees are required to complyWe allocate contracts through a partners and suppliers, and civilwith all aspects of the Businessfair and transparent process and society. We believe we have aPrinciples and our Code of Conductadhere to our Business Principles unique corporate responsibility within their work activities and inin our operations. We aim to respect to each of these groups: representing the company. work with suppliers, both local and multi-national, who share SHAREHOLDERS our values and standards. We are HOST GOVERNMENTS committed to maintaining effective We aim to create attractive returnsWe seek to collaborate with hostsystems and procedures to prevent and manage our business risks.governments and contribute toinhumane treatment and forced Kosmos Energys board of directorsnational development. Our goallabor from taking place within our focuses on building a successful,with host governments is tooperations or our supply chain. long-term future for the companydevelop a shared agenda based onOur employees and contractors and maintaining good corporatemutual trust and respect. We beginare prohibited from engaging in governance. At the end of 2018,engaging with host governmentsimproper payments and misusing the board was comprised of 6at the time of licensing to ensureconfidential information to indulge members, including 4 independentalignment with national prioritiesin, or help others to participate directors. The board of directorsand industry needs. Kosmos aimsin, insider trading. We expect has 4 standing committees:to become a partner of choice.our employees and contractors audit; nominating and corporateWe are open about our businessto respect confidential and governance; compensation; anddealings with governmentsproprietary information and we health, safety and environment. because transparency buildssimilarly work to protect the intellectual property of others.8'