Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana launches Young Farmer Business Academy, Expands Impact

Since 2016, the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana has empowered entrepreneurs and worked alongside small businesses to help turn their ideas into viable businesses that can scale and reach their full potential. Read More

Community Engagement in Saint Louis, Senegal

Since entering Senegal in 2014, Kosmos has engaged with a range of stakeholders in Saint-Louis, including fishing communities, government representatives and members of civil society. Read More

Chairman and CEO Andy Inglis on our 2023 Sustainability Report

As in the past, this year’s Sustainability Report brings you the latest data, information and narrative on how Kosmos embeds sustainability in everything we do. Our sustainability strategy is indivisible from our business strategy.” Read More

Natural Gas in Senegal: The Opportunity

Since 2014 Kosmos Energy has maintained an active presence in Senegal, where we are currently participating in the development of two major natural gas discoveries. Read More

Expanding Our Climate Commitments

Kosmos respects the environment we all share, and reducing emissions remains a key part of our climate change and overall business strategy. Read More

Reducing Emissions in Ghana

Kosmos Energy’s operations in Ghana include the Jubilee Field, the production asset developed from our major basin-opening discovery in 2007, as well as the nearby TEN fields. Read More

Supporting the Louisiana Coastal Restoration Workforce

Kosmos is proud to support innovative projects in or near the communities we operate in and partner with local organizations seeking to make an impact in Read More

A New Era for Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana

When we launched the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana in 2016, a big part of our vision was giving entrepreneurs in the agribusiness/ agritech sector the initial support they needed for their great ideas to become self-sustaining realities. Read More

Chairman & CEO Andy Inglis Delivers Keynote Speech at African Energy Week 2022

Kosmos Energy’s chairman and chief executive officer Andy Inglis recently delivered a keynote speech on investing in a just energy transition during the opening ceremony of African Energy Week 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. Read More