A New Era for Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana

When we launched the Kosmos Innovation Center in Ghana in 2016, a big part of our vision was giving entrepreneurs in the agribusiness/ agritech sector the initial support they needed for their great ideas to become self-sustaining realities. Read More

Protecting Sea Turtles

Kosmos Energy has operated in the nation of São Tomé and Príncipe, comprised of two islands off Africa’s west coast, since 2015. One of our social investment programs there is devoted to protecting vulnerable sea turtles on the island of Príncipe. Read More

Supporting Education in São Tomé

São Tomé and Príncipe has high levels of literacy compared to many other developing countries. However, the country’s young demographic – over 60% of the population Read More

Engaging on Environmental Protection with Flora and Fauna International

At Kosmos, we are committed to actively consulting with stakeholders on the actions we take to mitigate impacts when exploring for hydrocarbons. We believe that partnering Read More