Mauritania & Senegal: Greater Tortue Ahmeyim

Kosmos opened a significant new hydrocarbon province when it discovered a large accumulation of natural gas offshore Mauritania and Senegal in 2015.

In Mauritania and Senegal, a Kosmos-BP partnership is developing the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim Project (GTA), an innovative liquified natural gas project that has the potential to be a source of domestic energy and revenue for both countries.

Located on the maritime border between Mauritania and Senegal, in water depths of up to 2,850m, Kosmos and its partners are developing a gas field with a 30-year production potential. GTA is among the lowest cost greenfield projects in the world. The initial phase of the project is expected to deliver approximately 2.5 mmtpa of natural gas.

GTA is just one part of the significant acreage held by Kosmos and its partners offshore Mauritania and Senegal thought to hold between 50-100 trillion cubic feet of gas resource potential. GTA alone is estimated to contain more than 15 trillion cubic feet of potentially recoverable gas resources. 

In December 2018, the GTA partnership announced the Final Investment Decision (FID) for Phase 1 of the project. This marked the beginning of a multi-phase project that is expected to have a lasting and positive impact for generations to come. 

In July 2021, the GTA project was granted the status of National Project of Strategic Importance by the Presidents of Mauritania and Senegal. This important recognition shows the commitment of the host governments and the importance of the project to both countries.

Acquired in August 2014, our acreage in Senegal is adjacent to, and on trend with, our blocks in Mauritania. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SENEGAL OPERATIONS