Society and Communities

Strong relationships with stakeholders in the countries and communities where we operate create mutual value and are central to our success. By taking a collaborative approach, acting in an open and accountable manner, contributing to development, and respecting human rights, we work to be a welcome investor. While our legal license to operate is granted by national governments, we seek to obtain the broad support of, and bring sustainable benefits to, the communities directly associated with our operations.

Kosmos is committed to understanding the direct and indirect effects of our activities on people and communities. We inform local communities of our plans and seek to ensure that they are engaged and kept informed about our activities through accessible and culturally appropriate methods of communication. We identify other relevant stakeholders and consult with them throughout the project lifecycle on matters that affect them in order to understand their perspectives and concerns. These consultations at the national, regional and local levels enable Kosmos to share information, understand concerns, and build relationships based on collaboration and partnership.

Social Performance

At Kosmos, we strive to maximize the benefits that local residents and businesses derive from exploration, development, and production activities – particularly in nations that are new to hydrocarbon development. This includes creating direct benefits from our own operations and working to ensure that the activities of those acting as our partners, including national oil companies and other international investors, generate as much economic opportunity as possible. We recognize that our principal beneficial impacts flow from our core operations. However, we undertake a variety of social investment activities and support capacity-building programs.

Our decisions when identifying, designing and implementing social investment projects are guided by the following principles:

  • We take a participatory approach to understand needs and seek to create broad-based benefits
  • We invest in projects that are sustainable and that aim to build local capacity or economic opportunity
  • We require accountability and evaluate investments based on outcomes
  • We integrate social investments with our core business and other activities