b'In July 2018, we entered into the second exploration phase in blocks 42 and 45. The second phasecarries a one well commitment per block. This commitment has been met for both blocks.In October 2018, the Pontoenoe-1 exploration well was drilled to a total depth of approximately6,200 meters and was designed to test late Cretaceous reservoirs in a structural trap charged from oilmature Albian and Cenomanian-Turonian source kitchens. The prospect was fully tested but did notdiscover commercial hydrocarbons. High-quality reservoir was encountered, but the primary explorationobjective proved to be water bearing. The well has been plugged and abandoned and the well resultsintegrated into the ongoing evaluation of the remaining prospectivity in our Suriname acreage position.Sao Tome and PrincipeIn March 2018, as part of our alliance with BP, we entered into petroleum contracts coveringBlocks 10 and 13 with the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe. We presently have a 35%participating interest in the blocks and the operator, BP, holds a 50% participating interest. Thenational petroleum agency, Agencia Nacional Do Petroleo De Sao Tome E Principe (ANP-STP) has a15% carried interest in the blocks through exploration. The petroleum contracts cover approximately13,600 square kilometers, with a first exploration period of four years from the effective date (March2018). The exploration periods can be extended an additional four years at our election subject tofulfilling specific work obligations. The first exploration period work programs include a 13,500 squarekilometer 3D seismic acquisition requirement across the two blocks.Cote dIvoireIn May 2018, we completed a 3D seismic survey covering approximately 12,000 square kilometersover blocks CI-526, CI-602, CI-603, CI-707 and CI-708 offshore Cote dIvoire.NamibiaIn September 2018, we acquired a 45% non-operated participating interest in PEL 39 offshoreNamibia. The block covers an area of approximately 3.1 million acres in water depth ranging from 250to 3,000 meters. The blocks provide for multiple plays targeting Cretaceous deepwater systems. Webelieve the area is positioned within the interpreted oil mature window of the Aptian shale source rockwith sands sourced from the Orange River. In January 2019, we completed a 3D seismic surveycovering approximately 6,000 square kilometers. Processing of this data is currently underway. We arecompiling an initial inventory of prospects on the license while integrating the new 3D seismic data inour geological evaluation during 2019 with a view to drilling as early as 2020.80'