b'4.2 MMBbl due to original oil in place adjustments, new drilling and development plan updates, and anegative revision of 3.1 MMBbl due to recovery factor adjustment from dynamic modeling, which intotal were offset by 3.7 MMBoe of net production. Changes at Equatorial Guinea include an increaseof 11.0 MMBbl, which comprises 0.7 MMBbl of revision due to economic modeling, 3.9 MMBbl ofrevision due to strong field performance at both Ceiba and Okume Complex, and 6.4 MMBbl ofrevision due to reservoir management strategies (re-opening shut-in wells, stimulations, surface/subsurface equipment installation), all of which was partially offset by 5.4 MMBbl of net production.During the year ended December 31, 2018, we had an addition of 13.9 MMBoe of proved undevelopedreserves as a result of the DGE acquisition, we converted 2.0 MMBbl of proved undeveloped reservesto proved developed due to the completion of a new well in TEN, and we added 12.9 MMBbl ofproved undeveloped reserves in Jubilee as a result of several factors, including positive results fromdrilling two new wells, increased oil-in-place due to improved static model utilizing new seismic andpetrophysics data, and upgrading volumes associated with Mahogany area that is now part of theGreater Jubilee Unit.Changes for the year ended December 31, 2017, include an increase of 15.6 MMBbl in Jubileerelated to the approval of the Greater Jubilee Full Field Development Plan (GJFFDP), partiallyoffset by 7.7 MMBbl of net Jubilee production during 2017. Changes at TEN include an increase of7.2 MMBoe as a result of positive Ntomme performance and the finalization of the TAG GSA, whichwas partially offset by 3.3 MMBbl of net TEN production during 2017. As a result of the approval ofthe GJFFDP, we now have 10.4 MMBbl of proved undeveloped reserves in the Greater Jubilee area,representing future infill drilling plans. Changes for 2017 also include the initial certification of provedvolumes in Equatorial Guinea, representing the reserves associated with our equity method investment.Changes for the year ended December 31, 2016, include an increase of 8.3 MMBbl in TEN relatedto a revision resulting from additional technical data and analysis, partially offset by 0.9 MMBbl of netTEN production during 2016, and negative revisions to Jubilee of 1.0 MMBbl due to lower oil pricesand 6.2 MMBbl of net Jubilee production during 2016. During the year ended December 31, 2016, wehad 14 MMBoe of our proved undeveloped reserves from December 31, 2015 convert to proveddeveloped reserves due to the completion of seven wells in the TEN fields, the initiation of TENproduction and 2016 revisions, and we incurred $198.5 million of capital expenditures for TEN.The following table sets forth the estimated future net revenues, excluding derivatives contracts,from net proved reserves and the expected benchmark prices used in projecting net revenues atDecember 31, 2018. All estimated future net revenues are attributable to projected production fromGhana, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and our equity method investment in Equatorial Guinea. If we are25'