b'Senegal AgreementsIn June 2018, we entered the final renewal of the exploration period for the Senegal BlocksContract Areas, which lasts for two and one half years, ending in December 2020. This explorationphase of each contract area requires one exploration well in the final period. In the event ofcommercial success, we have the right to develop and produce oil and/or gas for a period of 25 yearsfrom the grant of an exploitation authorization from the government, which may be extended for atleast one additional period of 10 years under certain circumstances.Equatorial Guinea Exploration AgreementsIn March 2018, we entered into petroleum contracts covering Blocks EG-21, S, and W with theRepublic of Equatorial Guinea. We currently have a 40% interest in the blocks. The EquatorialGuinean national oil company, Guinea Equatorial De Petroleos (GEPetrol), currently has a 20%carried participating interest during the exploration period. Should a commercial discovery be made,GEPetrols 20% carried interest will convert to a 20% participating interest. The petroleum contractscover approximately 6,000 square kilometers, with a first exploration period of five years from the dateof notification of ratification by the President of Equatorial Guinea. The first exploration periodconsists of two sub-periods of three and two years, respectively, which can be extended up to twoadditional years at our election, subject to fulfilling specific work obligations. The first explorationsub-period work program includes an approximately 6,000 square kilometer 3D seismic acquisitionrequirement across the three blocks.In June 2018, we acquired a 40% non-operated participating interest in Block EG-24 offshoreEquatorial Guinea. GEPetrol, currently has a 20% carried participating interest during the explorationperiod. Should a commercial discovery be made, GEPetrols 20% carried interest will convert to a 20%participating interest. The petroleum contract covers approximately 3,500 square kilometers, with a firstexploration sub-period of three years from the effective date (March 2018) which can be extended upto four additional years at our election, subject to fulfilling specific work obligations. The firstexploration sub-period work program includes a 3,000 square kilometer 3D seismic acquisitionrequirement.In January 2019, we entered into an agreement to acquire Ophirs remaining interest in the block,subject to customary governmental approvals, which will result in Kosmos owning an 80% interest inBlock EG-24.Sao Tome and Principe Exploration AgreementsKosmos has interests in petroleum contracts for Blocks 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 13 in Sao Tome andPrincipe.In Block 11, ANP-STP has a carried 15% participating interest. The production sharing contractwas awarded in July 2014, and provides for an initial exploration period of eight years with possibleextensions and includes a first phase exploration period of four years followed by the second phase oftwo years and the third phase of two years. The block is currently in the first phase, expiring in July2019 after receiving a one year extension in November 2017. The next exploration phases are subject tofulfillment of specific work obligations. In the event of commercial success, we have the right todevelop and produce oil and/or gas for a period of 20 years from the approval of a field developmentprogram by ANP-STP, which may be extended for additional periods of five years until all commercialhydrocarbons have been depleted.34'