b'we own. We believe our insurance is carried in amounts typical for the industry relative to our size andoperations and in accordance with our contractual and regulatory obligations.Capping and Containment (Excluding the U.S. Gulf of Mexico)We entered into an agreement with a third party service provider for it to supply subsea cappingand containment equipment on a global basis (excluding the U.S. Gulf of Mexico). The equipmentincludes capping stacks, debris removal, subsea dispersant and auxiliary equipment. The equipmentmeets industry accepted standards and can be deployed by air cargo and other conventional means tosuit multiple application scenarios. We also developed an emergency response plan and responseorganization to prepare and demonstrate our readiness to respond to a subsea well control incident.Capping and containment for the U.S. Gulf of Mexico is detailed in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico (Operatedand Non-operated) section below.Oil Spill ResponseTo complement our agreement discussed above for subsea capping and containment equipment, webecame a charter member of the Global Dispersant Stockpile (GSD). The dispersant stockpile, whichis managed by Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) of Southampton, England, an oil spill responsecontractor, consists of 5,000 cubic meters of dispersant strategically located at OSRL bases around theworld. The total volume of the stockpile located at the OSRL bases is calculated to provide memberswith the ability to respond to a major spill incident. Dispersant from the GSD can be used in the U.S.Gulf of Mexico.Mauritania and Senegal (Non-operated)Kosmos transferred operatorship of Mauritania and Senegal operations to BP at the beginning of2018 for the blocks that were previously operated by Kosmos. Oil spill response equipment in bothcountries was transferred back to the OSRL Central Stockpile in Southampton, England.Suriname (Operated)Kosmos drilled two exploration wells in Suriname in 2018. Kosmos maintained its dispersantspraying capabilities in the field during drilling operations and had additional Tier 2 and Tier 3equipment from OSRLs Americas base in Ft Lauderdale, Florida on standby.Ghana (Non-operated)Tullow, our partner and the operator of the Jubilee Unit and the TEN fields, maintains Oil SpillContingency Plans (OSCP) covering the Jubilee Field and Deepwater Tano Block. Under the OSCPs,emergency response teams may be activated to respond to oil spill incidents. Tullow has access toOSRLs oil spill response services comprising technical expertise and assistance, including access toresponse equipment and dispersant spraying systems. Tullow maintains lease agreements with OSRL forTier 1 and Tier 2 packages of oil spill response equipment.Equatorial Guinea (Operated and Non-operated)In 2017, Kosmos entered into a joint venture in Equatorial Guinea through the acquisition KTIPI,which includes the Ceiba Field and Okume Complex. Effective January 1, 2019, Trident becameoperator of the Ceiba Field and Okume Complex. In addition, Kosmos is operator of four explorationleases in Equatorial Guinea. Current plans call for drilling one exploration well in 2019. Kosmos willbring in additional equipment in country to supplement existing resources as necessary.39'