b'drilling rig once partner-approved 2016 work program objectives were concluded. Tullow sought tocharge such expenditures to the Deepwater Tano (DT) joint account. Kosmos disputed that theseexpenditures were chargeable to the DT joint account on the basis that the Seadrill West Leo drillingrig contract was not approved by the DT operating committee pursuant to the DT Joint OperatingAgreement and that the Seadrill West Leo drilling rig contract had not been entered into in connectionwith joint operations.In July 2018, the ICC issued its Final Award in the arbitration in favor of Kosmos. As a result, werecovered from Tullow Ghana Limited disputed charges in the amount of $12.9 million in the form ofcash payments and offsets against other unrelated joint venture costs, which include amounts previouslypaid under protest as well as certain costs and fees incurred pursuing the arbitration. Additionally, wewere not required to fund a portion, estimated by Tullow to be approximately $50.8 million, of Tullowsliability to Seadrill.Item 4. Mine Safety DisclosuresNot applicable.70'