b'The Corporate Revolver, as amended in August 2018, expires on May 31, 2022. The availableamount is not subject to borrowing base constraints. We have the right to cancel all the undrawncommitments under the Corporate Revolver. We are required to repay certain amounts due under theCorporate Revolver with sales of certain subsidiaries or sales of certain assets. If an event of defaultexists under the Corporate Revolver, the lenders can accelerate the maturity and exercise other rightsand remedies, including the enforcement of security granted pursuant to the Corporate Revolver overcertain assets held by us. The Corporate Revolver contains customary cross default provisions.We were in compliance with the financial covenants contained in the Corporate Revolver as ofSeptember 30, 2018 (the most recent assessment date), which requires the maintenance of:\x7f the debt cover ratio (as defined in the glossary), not more than 3.5x; and\x7f the interest cover ratio (as defined in the glossary), not less than 2.25x.The U.S. and many foreign economies continue to experience uncertainty driven by varyingmacroeconomic conditions. Although some of these economies have shown signs of improvement,macroeconomic recovery remains uneven. Uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment andassociated global economic conditions have resulted in extreme volatility in credit, equity, and foreigncurrency markets, including the European sovereign debt markets and volatility in various othermarkets. If any of the financial institutions within our Facility or Corporate Revolver are unable toperform on their commitments, our liquidity could be impacted. We actively monitor all of the financialinstitutions participating in our Facility and Corporate Revolver. None of the financial institutions haveindicated to us that they may be unable to perform on their commitments. In addition, we periodicallyreview our banking and financing relationships, considering the stability of the institutions and otheraspects of the relationships. Based on our monitoring activities, we currently believe our banks will beable to perform on their commitments.Revolving Letter of Credit FacilityIn July 2013, we entered into a revolving letter of credit facility agreement (LC Facility). Thesize of the LC Facility was $75.0 million, as amended in July 2015, with additional commitments up to$50.0 million being available if the existing lender increases its commitments or if commitments fromnew financial institutions are added. The LC Facility provides that we shall maintain cash collateral inan amount equal to at least 75% of all outstanding letters of credit under the LC Facility, provided thatduring the period of any breach of certain financial covenants, the required cash collateral amount shallincrease to 100%.In July 2016, we amended and restated the LC Facility, extending the maturity date to July 2019.Other amendments included increasing the margin from 0.5% to 0.8% per annum on amountsoutstanding, adding a commitment fee payable quarterly in arrears at an annual rate equal to 0.65% onthe available commitment amount and providing for issuance fees to be payable to the lender per newissuance of a letter of credit. We may voluntarily cancel any commitments available under the LCFacility at any time. During the first quarter of 2017, the LC Facility size was increased to$115.0 million and in April 2017, we reduced the size of our LC Facility to $70 million. In February2018, the LC Facility was increased to $73 million to facilitate the issuance of additional letters ofcredit. In July 2018 and December 2018, the LC Facility size was voluntarily reduced to $40.0 millionand$20.0 million, respectively, based on the expiration of several large outstanding letters of credit. Asof December 31, 2018, there were seven outstanding letters of credit totaling $14.4 million under theLC Facility. The LC Facility contains customary cross default provisions.93'