b'KOSMOS ENERGY LTD.Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued)9. Derivative Financial Instruments (Continued)extent of derivative transactions. We have included an estimate of non-performance risk in the fairvalue measurement of our derivative contracts as required by ASC 820Fair Value Measurements andDisclosures.Oil Derivative ContractsThe following table sets forth the volumes in barrels underlying the Companys outstanding oilderivative contracts and the weighted average prices per Bbl for those contracts as of December 31,2018. Volumes and weighted average prices are net of any offsetting derivative contracts entered into.Weighted Average Price per BblNetDeferredPremiumPayable/Term Type of Contract Index MBbl (Receivable) Swap Sold Put Floor Ceiling2019:JanuaryDecember . . . . Three-way collars Dated Brent 10,500 $1.17 $$43.81 $53.33 $73.58JanuaryDecember . . . . Sold calls(1) Dated Brent 913 80.00JanuaryDecember . . . . Swaps NYMEX WTI 1,74752.31 JanuaryJune . . . . . . . Collars NYMEX WTI 33957.77 63.70JanuaryDecember . . . . Collars Argus LLS 1,00060.00 88.752020:JanuaryDecember . . . . Three-way collars Dated Brent 2,000 $$$50.00 $60.00 $90.54JanuaryDecember . . . . Sold calls(1)(2) Dated Brent 8,000 1.1785.00(1) Represents call option contracts sold to counterparties to enhance other derivative positions.(2) Deferred premium payable to be paid JanuaryDecember 2019.In January and February 2019, we entered into three-way collar contracts for 2.0 MMBbl fromJanuary 2020 through December 2020 with a sold put price of $40.00 per barrel, a floor price of $55.00per barrel and a ceiling price of $75.00 per barrel. The contracts are indexed to Dated Brent prices andhave a net deferred premium payable of $2.5 million.See Note 10Fair Value Measurements for additional information regarding the Companysderivative instruments.133'