b'World-Scale DiscoveriesLow Cost Innovative RepeatableTHE FIRST PHASE OF THE TORTUE PROJECT IS EXPECTED TO TAKE JUSTSEVEN YEARS FROM DISCOVERY TO FIRST GAS, AN INDUSTRY-LEADING TIMELINE.Kosmos has a record offrom a deepwater subseaselected as the buyer for the successfully moving resourcessystem to a FLNG facility atLNG offtake of all partners for from discovery to productiona nearshore hub located onTortue Phase 1.quickly, regardless of whetherthe Mauritania and SenegalPhase 1 of the Tortue project it is oil or gas. This rapid-cyclemaritime border. The FLNGis expected to take just seven development differentiatesfacility for Phase 1 is expectedyears from discovery to first Kosmos from its peers into deliver approximately 2.5gas. This industry-leading delivering shareholder valuemillion tons per annum ontimeline is the result of the from basin opening exploration.average. The full project islarge, high-quality nature of The world-class discoveriesexpected to provide 10 millionthe resource base to deliver we made in Mauritania andtons per annum of LNG fora low-cost feedstock gas; the Senegal are an example of thisglobal export, as well as makeinnovative, cost-effective near-strategy in action. gas available for domesticshore development plan; and In December 2018, Kosmosuse in both Mauritania andthe power of a simple, aligned and BP announced that aSenegal. First gas for thepartnership that was able to final investment decision forproject is expected in themove faster than traditional Phase 1 of the Tortue projectfirst half of 2022. Following amulti-partner consortiums has been agreed. The Tortuecompetitive tender process,seen elsewhere in the industry.project will produce gasBP Gas Marketing has been 6'