b'KOSMOS ENERGY LTD.Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued)3. Acquisitions and Divestitures (Continued)In October 2017, we entered into petroleum contracts covering Blocks EG-21, S, and W with theRepublic of Equatorial Guinea. We had an 80% participating interest and were the operator in allthree blocks. In August 2018, we closed a farm-out agreement with Trident, whereby they acquired a40% participating interest in blocks EG-21, S, and W, resulting in a $7.7 million gain. After givingeffect to the farm-out agreement, we hold a 40% participating interest and remain the operator in allthree blocks. The Equatorial Guinean national oil company, Guinea Equatorial De Petroleos(GEPetrol), has a 20% carried participating interest during the exploration period. Should acommercial discovery be made, GEPetrols 20% carried interest will convert to a 20% participatinginterest. The petroleum contracts cover approximately 6,000 square kilometers, with a first explorationperiod of five years from the effective date (March 2018). The first exploration period consists of twosub-periods of three and two years, respectively. The first exploration sub-period work programincludes a 6,000 square kilometer 3D seismic acquisition requirement across the three blocks.In December 2017, as part of our Alliance with BP, we entered into petroleum contracts coveringBlocks CI-526, CI-602, CI-603, CI-707 and CI-708 with the Government of Cote dIvoire. We have a45% participating interest and are the operator in all five blocks. BP has a 45% participating interest inthe blocks and the Cote dIvoire national oil company, PETROCI Holding (PETROCI), currentlyhas a 10% carried interest. The petroleum contracts cover approximately 17,000 square kilometers, witha first exploration period of three years. The first exploration period work program includes a 12,000square kilometer 3D seismic acquisition across the five blocks.2016 TransactionsIn January and February 2016, we closed farm-in agreements with Equator Exploration Limited(Equator), an affiliate of Oando Energy Resources, for Block 5 and Block 12 offshore Sao Tome andPrincipe. As a result of subsequent farm-outs we currently have a 45% participating interest andoperatorship in each block. The national petroleum agency, ANP-STP, has a 15% and 12.5% carriedinterest in Block 5 and Block 12, respectively.In April 2016, we closed a farm-out agreement with Hess Suriname Exploration Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hess Corporation (Hess), covering the Block 42 contract area offshoreSuriname. Under the terms of the agreement, Hess acquired a one-third non-operated interest inBlock 42 from both Chevron and Kosmos. As part of the agreement, Hess funded the cost of acquiringand processing a 6,500 square kilometer 3D seismic survey, subject to a maximum spend. Additionally,Hess will disproportionately fund a portion of the first exploration well in the Block 42 contract area,subject to a maximum spend, contingent upon the partnership entering the next phase of theexploration period. The new participating interests are one-third to each of Kosmos, Chevron and Hess,respectively. Kosmos remains the operator. Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (Staatsolie),Surinames national oil company, has the option to back into the contract with an interest of not morethan 10% upon approval of a development plan.In May 2016, Kosmos and Capricorn Exploration and Development Company Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cairn Energy PLC (Cairn) executed a petroleum agreement with the OfficeNational des Hydrocarbures et des Mines (ONHYM), the national oil company of the Kingdom ofMorocco, for the Boujdour Maritime block. The Boujdour Maritime petroleum agreement largelyreplaces the acreage covered by the Cap Boujdour petroleum agreement which expired in March 2016.Under the terms of the petroleum agreement, Kosmos is the operator of the Boujdour Maritime block121'