b'(4) Should a commercial discovery be made, NAMCORs 10% carried participating interest during theexploration period may continue through first commercial production but must be reimbursedthrough production.(5) ANP-STPs carried interest may be converted to a full participating interest at any time. ANP-STPwill reimburse any costs, expenses and any amount incurred on its behalf prior to the election.(6) PETROSEN has the option to acquire up to an additional 10% paying interest in a commercialdevelopment on the Saint Louis Offshore Profond and Cayar Offshore Profond blocks. Theinterest percentage does not give effect to the exercise of such option.(7) Should a commercial discovery be made, Staatsolie has the option to participate up to 10% inBlock 42 and up to 15% in Block 45 in each commercial discovery. Staatsolie will pay its portionof development and production costs in a commercial development in which it participates.(8) License expiration date can be extended beyond the current exploration period upon completion ofrequired work program and subject to additional work obligations.(9) Our U.S. Gulf of Mexico blocks can be held by continued operations, and the lease periods extendas long as governmental approved operations continue on the relevant block.GhanaThe WCTP Block and DT Block are located within the Tano Basin, offshore Ghana. This basincontains a proven world-class petroleum system as evidenced by our discoveries. The following is abrief discussion of our discoveries on our license areas offshore Ghana.Jubilee FieldThe Jubilee Field was discovered by Kosmos in 2007, with first oil produced in November 2010.Appraisal activities confirmed that the Jubilee discovery straddled the WCTP and DT Blocks. Pursuantto the terms of the Jubilee UUOA, the discovery area was unitized for purposes of joint developmentby the WCTP and DT Block partners.The Jubilee Field is located approximately 60 kilometers offshore Ghana in water depths ofapproximately 1,000 to 1,800 meters, which led to the decision to implement an FPSO baseddevelopment. The FPSO is designed to provide water and natural gas injection to support reservoirpressure, to process and store oil and to export gas through a pipeline to the mainland. The JubileeField is being developed in a phased approach. The initial phase provided subsea infrastructurecapacity for additional production and injection wells to be drilled in future phases of development.The GJFFDP was approved by the Government of Ghana in October 2017. This plan, which isexpected to increase proved reserves and extend the field production profile, has been optimized toreduce overall capital expenditures to reflect the current oil price market. In November 2015, we signedthe Jubilee Field Unit Expansion Agreement with our partners, which became effective upon approvalof the GJFFDP, to allow for the development of the Mahogany and Teak discoveries through theJubilee FPSO and infrastructure, thus reducing their development cost. As a result of the approval ofthe GJFFDP by the Ministry of Energy in October 2017, operatorship for the Mahogany and Teakdiscoveries transferred to Tullow. The WCTP partners transferred operatorship of the remainingportions of the WCTP Block, including the Akasa discovery, to Tullow effective February 1, 2018.The Government of Ghana completed the construction and connection of a gas pipeline in 2017from the Jubilee Field to transport natural gas to the mainland for processing and sale. In the absenceof continuous export of large quantities of natural gas from the Jubilee Field, it is anticipated that wewill need to reinject or flare such natural gas. Our inability to continuously export associated naturalgas in large quantities from the Jubilee Field could impact our oil production.16'