b'KOSMOS ENERGY LTD.Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued)6. Suspended Well Costs (Continued)As of December 31, 2018, the projects with exploratory well costs capitalized for more than oneyear since the completion of drilling are related to the Greater Tortue discovery which crosses theMauritania and Senegal maritime border and BirAllah discovery (formerly known as the Marsouindiscovery) in Block C8 offshore Mauritania and the Teranga discovery in the Cayar Offshore Profondblock offshore Senegal.Greater Tortue Ahmeyim ProjectIn May 2015, we completed the Tortue-1 exploration well inBlock C8 offshore Mauritania which encountered hydrocarbon pay. Two additional wells were drilled inthe Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project area, Ahmeyim-2 in Mauritania and Guembeul-1 in Senegal. Wecompleted a drill stem test on the Tortue-1 well in August 2017, which confirmed the productioncapabilities of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim project. Data acquired from the drill stem test was used tofurther optimize field development and to refine process design parameters critical to the FEEDprocess. In December 2018, we made a final investment decision to develop the Greater TortueAhmeyim project.BirAllah DiscoveryIn November 2015, we completed the Marsouin-1 exploration well (renamedBirAllah) in the northern part of Block C8 offshore Mauritania which encountered hydrocarbon pay.Following additional evaluation, a decision regarding commerciality is expected be made.Yakaar and Teranga DiscoveriesIn May 2016, we completed the Teranga-1 exploration well in theCayar Offshore Profond block offshore Senegal which encountered hydrocarbon pay. In June 2017, wecompleted the Yakaar-1 exploration well in the Cayar Offshore Profond block offshore Senegal whichencountered hydrocarbon pay. In November 2017, an integrated Yakaar-Teranga appraisal plan wassubmitted. An appraisal well is scheduled in 2019 to further evaluate the discovery. Followingadditional evaluation, a decision regarding commerciality is expected to be made.7. Equity Method InvestmentsKosmos BP Senegal LimitedAs part of our transaction in Senegal with BP in February 2017, our participating interests in theCayar Offshore Profond and Saint Louis Offshore Profond blocks (Senegal Blocks) were contributedto KBSL, a corporate joint venture in which we owned a 50.01% interest which was accounted forunder the equity method of accounting.In October 2017, KBSL transferred a 30% participating interest in the Senegal Blocks to BPSenegal Investments Limited in exchange for its outstanding shares of KBSL. As a result, KBSLbecame a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kosmos, and no longer is accounted for under the equity methodof accounting. After the transfer, KBSL has a 30% working interest in the Senegal Blocks.Our initial contribution to KBSL was $133.9 million, which was recorded at our carrying costs. Ourshare of losses in KBSL during the period it was accounted for as an equity method investment isreflected in our consolidated statements of operations as (Gain) loss on equity method investments,net. During the year ended December 31, 2017, we recognized $11.5 million related to our share oflosses in KBSL.125'