b'KOSMOS ENERGY LTD.Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued)3. Acquisitions and Divestitures (Continued)Senegal. The Mauritania and Senegal transactions closed in January 2017 and February 2017,respectively. In Mauritania, BP acquired a 62% participating interest in our four Mauritania licenses(C6, C8, C12 and C13). In Senegal, BP acquired a 49.99% interest in Kosmos BP Senegal Limited(KBSL), our majority owned affiliate company which held a 60% participating interest in the CayarOffshore Profond and Saint Louis Offshore Profond blocks (the Senegal Blocks) offshore Senegal.Previously we indicated that KBSL would hold a 65% participating interest upon the completion of ourexercise in December 2016 of an option to increase our equity in each contract area by 5% in exchangefor carrying Timis Corporation Limiteds (Timis) paying interest share of a third well in eithercontract area, subject to a maximum gross well cost of $120.0 million. However, we agreed to withdrawthe exercise of this call option upon completion of an agreement between BP and Timis by which BPacquired Timis entire 30% participating interest in the Senegal Blocks. The transaction between BPand Timis was completed and KBSLs participating interest in these blocks remained at 60%. Inconsideration for these transactions, Kosmos received $162 million in cash up front during the firstquarter of 2017 and will receive $228 million exploration and appraisal carry (increased from$221 million upon completion of the transfer of a 30% working interest to BP Senegal InvestmentsLimited), up to $533 million in a development carry and variable consideration up to $2 per barrel forup to 1 billion barrels of liquids, structured as a production royalty, subject to future liquids discoveryand prevailing oil prices. The effective date of these transactions was July 1, 2016, with BP payinginterim costs from the effective date to the closing dates. We reduced our unproved property balanceby $221.9 million for the consideration received as a result of these transactions including the upfrontcash and interim costs from the transaction date to the effective date. See Note 7Equity MethodInvestments for further discussion of our investment in KBSL.In November 2015, we entered into a line of credit agreement with Timis, whereby Timis had theright to draw up to $30.0 million on the line of credit to offset its joint interest billings arising fromcosts under the Senegal Blocks petroleum agreements. The line of credit agreement was terminated inApril 2017 when Timis entered into an agreement with BP to acquire Timis 30% participating interestin the Senegal Blocks. As a result of the termination of this credit agreement, Kosmos received$16 million in August 2017 representing payment in full of outstanding amounts drawn on the line ofcredit.In September 2017, we closed a farm-in agreement with Tullow Mauritania Limited, a subsidiary ofTullow Oil plc (Tullow), to acquire a 15% non-operated participating interest in Block C18 offshoreMauritania. Based on the terms of the agreement, we reimbursed Tullow a portion of past and interimperiod costs and will partially carry future costs.In the fourth quarter of 2017, through a joint venture with an affiliate of Trident Energy(Trident), we acquired all of the equity interest of Hess International Petroleum Inc., a subsidiary ofHess Corporation (Hess), which holds an 85% paying interest (80.75% revenue interest) in the CeibaField and Okume Complex assets. Under the terms of the agreement, Kosmos and Trident each own50% of Hess International Petroleum Inc. Hess International Petroleum Inc. was subsequently renamedKosmos-Trident International Petroleum Inc. (KTIPI). Kosmos is primarily responsible forexploration and subsurface evaluation while Trident is primarily responsible for production operationsand optimization. The gross acquisition price was $650 million effective as of January 1, 2017. Afterpost closing entries Kosmos paid net cash of approximately $231 million, with a combination of cash onhand and availability under the Facility. The transaction was accounted for as an equity methodinvestment. See Note 7Equity Method Investments for further discussion of our investment in KTIPI.120'