b'2019 Capital ProgramWe estimate we will spend approximately $425-$475 million of capital, net of carry amounts relatedto the Mauritania and Senegal transactions with BP, for the year ending December 31, 2019. Thiscapital expenditure budget consists of:\x7f Approximately 64% related to exploitation and production optimization activities across ourGhana, Equatorial Guinea and Gulf of Mexico assets\x7f Approximately 19% related to our infrastructure-led exploration and development activitiesacross Equatorial Guinea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico\x7f Approximately 2% related to the development of our world-scale discoveries in Mauritania andSenegal\x7f Approximately 15% related to basin opening exploration efforts across our portfolioThe ultimate amount of capital we will spend may fluctuate materially based on market conditionsand the success of our exploitation and drilling results among other factors. Our future financialcondition and liquidity will be impacted by, among other factors, our level of production of oil and theprices we receive from the sale of oil, our ability to effectively hedge future production volumes, thesuccess of our multi-faceted exploration and appraisal drilling programs, the number of commerciallyviable oil and natural gas discoveries made and the quantities of oil and natural gas discovered, thespeed with which we can bring such discoveries to production, our partners alignment with respect tocapital plans, and the actual cost of exploitation, exploration, appraisal and development of our oil andnatural gas assets, and coverage of any claims under our insurance policies.Significant Sources of CapitalFacilityIn February 2018, the Company amended and restated the Facility with a total commitment of$1.5 billion from a number of financial institutions with additional commitments up to $0.5 billionbeing available if the existing financial institutions increase their commitments or if commitments fromnew financial institutions are added. In November 2018, the Company exercised its option with existingfinancial institutions to provide the Company with an additional commitment of $100 million in theaggregate under the Facility. The borrowing base calculation includes value related to the Jubilee, TEN,Ceiba and Okume fields. The Facility supports our oil and gas exploration, appraisal and developmentprograms and corporate activities. As part of the debt refinancing in February 2018, the repayment ofborrowings under the existing facility attributable to financial institutions that did not participate in theamended Facility was accounted for as an extinguishment of debt, and $4.1 million of existingunamortized debt issuance costs and deferred interest attributable to those participants was expensed ininterest and other financing costs, net. As of December 31, 2018, we have $40.5 million of unamortizedissuance costs related to the Facility, which will be amortized over the remaining term of the Facility. InDecember 2018, the Company entered into letter agreements with existing financial institutions, whichprovided the Company with an additional commitment of $100 million in the aggregate under theFacility effective January 31, 2019. This took the total commitments to $1.7 billion as of January 31,2019.As of December 31, 2018, borrowings under the Facility totaled $1,325.0 million and the undrawnavailability under the Facility was $375.0 million, which includes the additional commitments asreferenced above.Interest is the aggregate of the applicable margin (3.25% to 4.50%, depending on the length oftime that has passed from the date the Facility was entered into) and LIBOR. Interest is payable onthe last day of each interest period (and, if the interest period is longer than six months, on the dates91'