b'new petroleum contract with respect to the WCTP Relinquishment Area. We and our WCTP Blockpartners, the Ghana Ministry of Energy and GNPC have agreed such WCTP petroleum contract rightsto negotiate extend from July 21, 2011 until such time as either a new petroleum contract is negotiatedand entered into with us or we decline to match a bona fide third party offer GNPC may receive forthe WCTP Relinquishment Area.Ghana Deepwater Tano BlockTullow is the operator of the Deepwater Tano Block. Under the DT petroleum contract, GNPCexercised its option to acquire an additional paying interest of 5% in the commercial discovery withrespect to the Jubilee Field development and the TEN Fields development. Kosmos is required to paya fixed royalty of 5% and a potential additional oil entitlement which comes into effect and escalates asthe nominal project rate of return increases above a certain threshold. These royalties are to be paidin-kind or, at the election of the government of Ghana, in cash. A corporate tax rate of 35% is appliedto profits at a country level.The DT petroleum contract has a duration of 30 years from its effective date (July 2006).However, in 2013, at the end of the seven-year Exploration Period, parts of the DT Block on which wehad not declared a discovery area, were not in a development and production area, or were not in theJubilee Unit, were relinquished (DT Relinquishment Area). Our existing Wawa discovery within theDT Block was not subject to relinquishment upon expiration of the Exploration Period of the DTpetroleum contract, as the DT petroleum contract remains in effect after the end of the ExplorationPeriod while commerciality is being determined. Pursuant to our DT petroleum contract, we and ourDT Block partners have certain rights to negotiate a new petroleum contract with respect to the DTRelinquishment Area until such time as either a new petroleum contract is negotiated and entered intowith us or we decline to match a bona fide third party offer GNPC may receive for the DTRelinquishment Area.The Ghanaian Petroleum Exploration and Production Law of 1984 (PNDCL 84) (the 1984Ghanaian Petroleum Law) and the WCTP and DT petroleum contracts form the basis of ourexploration, development and production operations on the WCTP and DT blocks. Pursuant to thesepetroleum contracts, most significant decisions, including PoDs and annual work programs, foroperations other than exploration and appraisal, must be approved by a joint management committee,consisting of representatives of certain block partners and GNPC. Certain decisions require unanimity.Ghana Jubilee Field UnitizationThe Jubilee Field, discovered by the Mahogany-1 well in June 2007, covers an area within both theWCTP and DT Blocks. It was agreed the Jubilee Field would be unitized for optimal resourcerecovery. A Pre-Unit Agreement was agreed to between the contractors groups of the WCTP and DTBlocks in 2008, with a more comprehensive unit agreement, the Jubilee UUOA, agreed to in 2009which governs each partys respective rights and duties in the Jubilee Unit. Tullow is the Unit Operator,while Kosmos was the Technical Operator for the initial development of the Jubilee Field. The JubileeUnit holders interests are subject to redetermination in accordance with the terms of the JubileeUUOA. Although the Jubilee Field is unitized, Kosmos participating interests in each block outsidethe boundary of the Jubilee Unit remain the same. Our Jubilee Unit interest is 24.1% subject toredetermination of the participating interests pursuant to the terms of the Jubilee UUOA. Our payinginterest on development activities is 26.9%.Greater Tortue Ahmeyim UnitizationThe Greater Tortue/Ahmeyim Field, discovered by the Tortue-1 well in May 2015, in Mauritaniablock C8 and by the Guembuel-1 well in January 2016, in the Saint-Louis Offshore Profond block in32'