b'Grow cash flow, proved reserves and production through exploitation, development, infrastructure-ledexploration and basin opening exploration activitiesIn the near term, we plan to grow cash flow, proved reserves and production by further exploitingour fields offshore Ghana, U.S. Gulf of Mexico, and Equatorial Guinea. In Ghana, we plan to continuedrilling additional development and production wells at both the Jubilee and TEN fields in 2019. In theU.S. Gulf of Mexico we plan to continue infill drilling on existing fields, drilling infrastructure-ledexploration targets, and progressing the development of the Nearly Headless Nick discovery via subseatieback to existing infrastructure. In Equatorial Guinea our activity set is expanding beyond productionoptimization projects utilizing electrical submersible pumps to include infrastructure-led explorationwhich, if successful, can be brought online quickly via subsea tieback to existing infrastructure. Inaddition, we have sanctioned the first phase of the Greater Tortue Ahmeyim development offshoreMauritania and Senegal, which defines the timing and path to first gas. Beyond Greater TortueAhmeyim, growth could also be realized through the development of all or a portion of our otherdiscoveries in Mauritania and Senegal. Our basin opening exploration efforts continue to be asignificant portion of the portfolio. We believe the prospects and leads offshore Mauritania, Senegal,Sao Tome and Principe, Cote dIvoire, Namibia, and Suriname provide favorable opportunities tocreate substantial future growth and value through exploration drilling. During 2019, we plan to furthertest the potential of previous discoveries in Mauritania and Senegal and drill five infrastructure-ledprospects in Equatorial Guinea and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. Given the potential size of theseprospects and leads, we believe that exploratory and appraisal success in our operating areas couldsignificantly add to our growth profile.Focus on optimally developing our discoveries to initial productionOur approach to development is designed to deliver first production on an accelerated timeline,leverage early learnings to improve future outcomes and maximize returns. In certain circumstances, webelieve a phased approach can be employed to optimize full-field development. A phased approachfacilitates refinement of the development plans based on experience gained in initial phases ofproduction and by leveraging existing infrastructure as subsequent phases of development areimplemented. Production and reservoir performance from the initial phases are monitored closely todetermine the most efficient and effective techniques to maximize the recovery of reserves and returns.Other benefits include minimizing upfront capital costs, reducing execution risks through smaller initialinfrastructure requirements, and enabling cash flow from the initial phases of production to fund aportion of capital costs for subsequent phases.For example, post-discovery in 2007, first oil production from the Jubilee Field commenced inNovember 2010. This development timeline from discovery to first oil was significantly less than theseven to ten year industry average and set a record for a deepwater development of this size and scaleat this water depth in West Africa. This condensed timeline reflects the lessons learned by ourexperienced team while leading other large scale deepwater developments. The Greater TortueAhmeyim development is also expected to be developed in an accelerated, phased approach consistentwith our business strategy. This is anticipated to result in first gas seven years after initial discovery,which feeds the market at a potentially optimal time as demand is expected to outpace supply.Kosmos Exploration ApproachA balance of basin opening and infrastructure-ledKosmos exploration philosophy, which is traditionally basin opening based, is deeply rooted in afundamental, geologic approach geared toward the identification of under-explored or overlookedpetroleum systems. Once an area of interest has been identified, Kosmos targets licenses over theparticular basin or fairway to achieve an early-mover or in many cases a first-mover advantage. Interms of license selection, Kosmos targets specific regions that have sufficient size to manageexploration risks and provide scale should the exploration concept prove successful. Kosmos also looks10'