b'Basin Opening ExplorationFocused geography - Expert knowledge baseAtlantic Margin Focused geology - Deep understanding of existing playsLeverage knowledge and understanding to generate new ideasEarly entry - Attractive commercial termsFirst Mover Advantage Large positions - Quality through choiceAbove ground relationships2 basin-opening wells per yearCapital Discipline Deep prospect inventory drives quality through choiceWork commitments aligned with risk/rewardPartners who can operate large developmentsInnovative Partnerships Partners who can fund developmentComplementary skill setsOUR DISTINCTIVE APPROACH TO BASIN OPENING EXPLORATION HASATTRACTED SUPERMAJOR PARTNERS WITH COMPLIMENTARY SKILL SETS.Our approach to basingrading prospectivity andbeyond. This important work opening exploration remainsproviding quality throughwill leverage, as appropriate, distinctive. We are focusingchoice for our anticipated twothe strategic exploration on geographies and geologywells per year program. alliances we have formed with where our expert knowledgeIn 2019, we expect to drill theBP and Shell in Northern West creates competitive advantageOrca prospect in MauritaniaAfrica and Southern West in generating new ideas.in the second half of the yearAfrica, respectively. These We have a deeper prospectto prove up the gas resourcealliances are consistent with inventory than we have everto underpin a second LNGKosmos strategy of partnering had historically, which ensuresdevelopment at Bir Allah.with supermajors to leverage we are continuously high- This prospect is located oncomplementary expertise the same structural trendand, upon success, ensuring as the Tortue and Bir Allahwe have a ready development discoveries in the provenpartner with the ability to inboard gas play. The wellfund and rapidly execute a targets a gross resource indevelopment project.place of around 13 Tcf of gas. In addition, we continue to We will also continue toreplenish and high-grade our evaluate and mature prospectsexploration portfolio through in Suriname, So Tom andnew ventures activity aimed Prncipe, Equatorial Guinea,at supporting a continuous Cte dIvoire, and Namibia fordrilling campaign of two potential drilling in 2020 andexploration wells per year.8'