b'MAURITANIA AND SENEGAL WILL PROVIDE A SELF-FUNDED,LONG-TERM, GROWING SOURCE OF CASH FLOW FOR THE COMPANY.Kosmos and BP estimateplan to drill wells at Bir Allahinterest through a partial sell that there is 50-100 trillionand Yakaar-Teranga to furtherdown. We intend to retain cubic feet (Tcf) of gas inconfirm the resource base asaround a 10% working interest place offshore Mauritania andwe move into concept designacross the basin, or equivalent Senegal, which we believe isand conduct preliminaryto 5-10 Tcf in resource and sufficient to eventually supportengineering work in parallelaround 3 MTPA of LNG three 10 MTPA LNG hubs with developing Tortue. capacitya highly material at Tortue on the maritimeWith the scale of the resourcestake for Kosmos. The goal is border, at Bir Allah to thebase and the Tortue projectfor Mauritania and Senegal to north in Mauritania, and atsanctioned in late 2018,provide a self-funded, long-Yakaar-Teranga to the southKosmos has now begunterm, growing source of cash in Senegal. During 2019, wea process to monetize itsflow for the company.10 MTPA Tortue Project is the First Phase of Development (BP Operated)50-100 TCF Resource 3 Export Hubs1BIRALLAH HUBTortue:~10 MTPA ~25 Tcf (GIIP)2BirAllah:12-60 Tcf (GIIP)TORTUE ST. LOUIS - 2019 AppraisalHUB Yakaar Teranga:~10 MTPA 10-25 Tcf (GIIP)- 2019 Appraisal Kosmos 30% working YAKAAR interest across allTERANGA resources / projectsHUB BP Operated (60% working ~10 MTPA interest) / NOCs (10% working interest)DAKAR1.BP Resource Estimates 2. Gas Initially In Place7'