6 THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 ELEMENT 2 EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 2.1 Safe work practices which address all HSES risks are established, communicated, documented, and enforced.  Safe work practices are established in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Life-Saving Rules and Safe Work Practices  Risk assessments are conducted as part of operational readiness activities  Where not specifically addressed in Kosmos procedures, appropriate industry standards (e.g. API & IOGP) are referenced for guidance  Behavioral based safety programs are in place 2.2 Safe work practices are evaluated for their adequacy and continually improved as needed.  HSES Inspection/Audit plans are established at the Corporate, BU, and Operations/Project levels based on activity and risk  Site HSES Representatives are assigned to conduct inspections/audits of field activities at Kosmos operated sites and at Contractor sites in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Contractor HSES Management 2.3 Facilities, vehicles, and equipment are maintained in their safe and secure operating condition.  All company workplaces and facilities are assessed, and controls provided for fire, safety, hygiene/sanitation, security, and other hazards that pose risk to personnel  Maintenance and integrity management programs are established for Kosmos owned facilities, vehicles, and equipment:  Facilities include office spaces, general work site areas, food preparation/serving areas, accommodations/housing, public restrooms, aircraft embarkation and landing areas, and the safe and secure access and egress to each  Vehicles include private cars/buses/trucks, mobile cranes, earth moving equipment, forklifts, marine vessels, private aircraft, etc.  Equipment includes lifting and hoisting gear, fixed cranes and winches, tools (hand, pneumatic, electric), scaffolding, drilling/ production systems, and production safety systems, etc.  Audits/inspections of Contractor provided facilities, vehicles, and equipment are conducted in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Contractor HSES Management 2.4 Contractor Management, Contracted Services and Supply Chain/Logistics and storage activities include HSES requirements.  HSES assurance mechanisms are implemented within the contract life cycle based on risk in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Contractor HSES Management and other Kosmos Global Standards that are applicable to contractors based on the services they provide 2.5 Design data, drawings, and operating procedures are documented, updated, communicated, and accessible.  A secure and controlled electronic document management system is used for design, construction and operational documents 2.6  Employees and contractors are informed of the hazards associated with their jobs. New hire and site orientations are in place in accordance with Kosmos Global Standard for HSES Training and Orientation  HSES pre-mobilization meetings, JSAs, kick-off meetings, Permit-to-Work systems, and Stop Work Authority are used to communicate hazards and responsibilities SAFETY, HEALTH AND SECURITY INTENT: Protecting the safety, health and security of personnel is a top priority. Adhering to established life-saving rules and safe work practices and providing up-to-date procedures to manage safety, health, and security risks contribute to a safe workplace for employees and contractors.