b'ELEMENT 6EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES6.5 Control of emissions, management ofESIA provides input into Basis of Design of Capital Projects for consideration of waste/emission reduction objectives andwaste, and responsible water use isopportunitiesevaluated in the design and modificationWater use is managed and initiatives to reduce water use are evaluated where applicable based on operations of facilities.6.6 Controls are in place to prevent spills,Environmental discharge and release limits are established and communicated to relevant employees and contractors based onleaks, or unpermitted discharges. WMPs EMPs, local regulatory requirements, and/or recognized industry standardsSecondary containment is provided, as appropriate, for liquid hydrocarbons and wastes where the risk of spills or leaks existsRisk appropriate prevention and containment equipment is provided with preventive maintenance and inspection guidance Emergency response measures are in place to mitigate the impact of spills, leaks, or unpermitted discharges6.7 Sites are assessed before, during, andBaseline ESIAs are conducted prior to occupying newly rented or leased property for industrial or operational purposes toafter operations to mitigate potentialidentify potential contaminationenvironmental impacts. Final site assessment is conducted prior to vacating the property based on its useA Remediation Plan is established based on the ESIA and agreed to with government and other stakeholders, as appropriate6.8 Efficient use of energy and naturalPlans for new developments include resource conservation based on the ESIA and baseline conditions resources is considered in designing,Energy efficiency is considered in design basis and re-evaluated as conditions change for operated assetsdeveloping, and improving products and processes.Minimizing the impact of our operations.THE STANDARD |September 2022, Revision 615'