b'Risk and Change ManagementELEMENT 3 INTENT: Risk identification and assessment enables the reduction of risk and the mitigation of hazards to employees, contractors, the community, and the environment. Management of risk for Kosmos operations is an enduring process which includes regular evaluation and Change Management to avoid unintended consequences.EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES3.1 HSE risks are identified, assessed, andThe appropriate level of risk assessment is conducted in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for HSE Risk Management managed with controls and mitigationsEnterprise level HSE risks are incorporated into the Kosmos Corporate Enterprise Risk Management process for corporate goalsestablished based on likelihood andplanning and performance scorecardsconsequences. Operations and Project HSE Risk Registers are developed and form the basis for controls that will be maintainedActions required to implement controls identified during risk assessments are verified and tracked through to closure prior tocommencement of associated operations3.2 Designs of new facilities and wells areRisks associated with the design of production systems are identified and managed in accordance with the Kosmos Globalreviewed to verify that appropriateStandard for HSE Risk ManagementHSE controls and mitigations areWell planning and design reviews are conducted in accordance with the Kosmos Global Wells Standard incorporated.3.3 To facilitate proper risk assessment,A secure and controlled electronic document management system is used for design, construction (including as built), anddesign data, drawings, and operatingoperational documentsprocedures are documented, updated, communicated, and accessible.3.4 The HSE impacts of temporary orChanges are managed, as appropriate, in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Management of Change permanent changes in personnel, designChanges are captured in the relevant documentation within an appropriate timeframe or operation of production systems are properly managed.3.5 Risks associated with the acquisition,Prospective new venture acquisitions are assessed for potential HSE and social, political, and reputation risks and liabilities decommissioning / abandonment andRisk assessments are performed as part of asset divestment and decommissioning / abandonment planning to ensure currentdivestment of assets and operationsand future operational liabilities are managedare assessed and managed in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for HSE Risk Management.8THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 6'