14 THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 ELEMENT 6 ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION INTENT: Reducing the impact of our operations on the environment is a priority. Management and minimization of environmental risks and liabilities are integral parts of our operations. EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 6.1 Environmental and social impacts of our business are assessed, monitored, and minimized.  Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) are conducted and incorporated into project planning for all seismic, drilling, development, and production activities  ESIAs are designed to meet good international industry practices or equivalent applicable government requirements  An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is developed based on the ESIA and all emissions, releases, and wastes are measured annually to manage potential significant risks to human health and the environment 6.2 Wastes are safely disposed and disposal is properly documented.  A Waste Management Plan (WMP) is developed for operational activities based on government regulatory requirements and good industry practices  Accountability for all phases of waste management is clearly stated in contracts and WMPs  Waste shipping and disposal companies are audited/inspected by a competent Kosmos representative prior to shipping any waste 6.3 Control of emissions and the minimization of waste are evaluated in the design and modification of facilities.  ESIA provides input into Basis of Design of Capital Projects for consideration of waste/emission reduction objectives and opportunities (i.e. limited flaring, emission control equipment, use of alternative environmentally-friendly chemicals, etc.)