b'Climate Change andELEMENT Environmental Protection6 INTENT: Climate change response, emissions management, and reduction of our impact on the environment are important aspects of our operations.EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES6.1 Climate-related risks are assessed,Climate-related risks and opportunities are evaluated on a regular basis, and consideration of climate change is incorporated intomonitored, and mitigated. business planning activitiesClimate-related risks and opportunities, and their potential implications for our business, are publicly reported on a regular basisClimate Change Policy is re-evaluated on a regular basis to align with company strategy and the energy transition 6.2 Emissions metrics are captured,Direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions are measured according to recognized international greenhouse gas (GHG)calculated, and verified, andaccounting standardsopportunities for emissions reductionsAn independent third party supports assurance on our emissions reportingare evaluated.Business units actively pursue emissions reduction initiatives6.3 Environmental and social impacts of ourEnvironmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) are conducted and incorporated into project planning for seismic, drilling,business are assessed, monitored, anddevelopment, and production activitiesmitigated. ESIAs are designed to meet good international industry practices or equivalent applicable government requirementsAn Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is developed based on the ESIA and emissions, releases, and wastes are measuredannually to mitigate potential significant risks to human health and the environment6.4 Waste is safely disposed of, and A Waste Management Plan (WMP) is developed for operational activities based on government regulatory requirements anddisposal is properly documented. good industry practices Accountability for waste management is addressed in contracts and WMPsWaste shipping and disposal companies are audited/inspected by a competent Kosmos representative prior to shipping wasteOnly pre-approved waste shipping and disposal companies are used 14THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 6'