b'Legal and Other RequirementsELEMENT 9 INTENT: Applicable regulatory, industry, and stakeholder requirements and guidelines are identified. The performance measurement against these requirements is a key element of an HSE management system.EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES9.1 Material changes in legislation,The legal and regulatory environment is assessed and understood for existing operations and as part of the entry process for newregulations, and emerging policy issuesjurisdictions. The legal and regulatory environment is monitored on an ongoing basis are identified to ensure continuityCritical legal, government and financial stakeholder requirements specific to permitting and HSE-related legislation are identifiedof compliance with government andand incorporated into applicable plansstakeholder requirements.Applicable third party contracts include responsibilities for ensuring compliance with government laws and regulations The Corporate and BU HSE functional representatives and/or the country External Affairs representatives monitor and communicate 9.2 Systems are in place to monitor emerging HSE issues and legalregulatory changesrequirements and communicate theirSources are established to provide and maintain up-to-date electronic versions of applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards impact on Kosmos business.9.3 A system is in place to participate,Company representatives participate in relevant industry groups and meetings which may have the potential to influenceas appropriate, in the formulation ofapplicable laws, regulations, or standardsHSE laws, regulations, and standardsCorporate and/or BU HSE and External Affairs representatives review and may provide comments on proposed laws andaffecting Kosmos operations. regulations that have the potential to impact Kosmos business activitiesRecognizing key requirements and guidelines.18THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 6'