THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 19 IMPLEMENTATION, MONITORING, AND CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 10.1 Measurable HSES objectives are established annually and used to drive continual improvement.  HSES plans are developed at the Corporate, BU, and Operations/Project levels to identify activities and resources to achieve business objectives  Annual HSES performance metrics are developed based on both leading and lagging indicators that support business objectives 10.2 Systems are in place to review and incorporate improvements to HSES Management Systems at the Corporate, BU, and Operations/Project levels of the organization.  Annual HSES objectives and targets include periodic reviews of THE STANDARD, Global HSES Standards, and BU level plans/ procedures to identify and implement improvements or updates as needed to support business objectives  Lessons learned are captured with appropriate actions and communicated to relevant stakeholders and responsible parties from incidents, drills/exercises, audits, drilling and seismic campaigns, production operations and Capital Projects 10.3 Systems are in place to independently audit the implementation and effectiveness of the HSES MS at the Corporate, BU, and Operations/Project levels of the organization.  Independent audits are conducted to evaluate performance against the applicable requirements of THE STANDARD, Global HSES Standards, BU-specific plans/procedures, and Operations/Project level plans/procedures  Deficiencies identified in audits are ranked based on their risks to the organization and an action plan is developed with clear responsibilities and timelines for completion/correction  Audit findings and the status of associated actions are reviewed as part of senior review meetings  The timing and frequency of audits are established based on the maturity of the HSES MS and are identified when setting annual HSES objectives and targets; for sustained organizations, audits are conducted a minimum of every 2 years  Auditors are selected (either internal or external to Kosmos) based on their impartiality from the area being audited and their knowledge of the processes involved and other specialties deemed necessary INTENT: A process that measures performance relative to objectives is essential to continual improvement and ensures HSES management systems are sustainable. ELEMENT 10 Measuring our performance and always improving.