20 THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS THE STANDARD supports the HSES Policy and Commitment along with the other Corporate Policies listed below. In addition, the Global Standards, Plans, and Guidelines listed below are incorporated by reference within THE STANDARD and provide more detailed requirements for consistency in meeting the expectations listed with each Element. KOSMOS GLOBAL POLICIES AND STANDARDS Corporate Polices  Kosmos Business Principles  HSES Policy and Commitment  Human Rights Policy  Stakeholder Engagement and Community Development Policy  Code of Business Conduct and Ethics  Anti-Corruption Compliance Policy and Manual Corporate Global Standards, Plans and Guidelines  THE STANDARD (KOS-GLB-HSE0102)  Control of HSES Documents and Records (KOS-GLB-HSE0103) HSES Leadership Guidelines (KOS-GLB-HSE0104) Malaria Control Program (KOS-GLB-HSE0201) Life-Saving Rules and Safe Work (KOS-GLB-HSE0202) Journey Management to Remote Locations (KOS-GLB-HSE0202.02) Contractor HSES Management (KOS-GLB-HSE0203) Marine Operations (KOS-GLB-HSE0204) Infectious Disease Preparedness Plan (KOS-GLB-HSE0205) Traveler Care (KOS-GLB-HSE0206) HSES Risk Management (KOS-GLB-HSE0301) Management of Change (KOS-GLB-HSE0302) Incident Reporting and Investigation (KOS-GLB-HSE0401) Incident Management Plan (KOS-GLB-HSE0501) HSES Training and Orientation (KOS-GLB-HSE0701) Well Integrity Management Standard (KOS-GLB-OPS-WIMS-001)