4 THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 Consistent with the Kosmos Energy Business Principles and HSES Policy and Commitment (KOS-GLB-HSE0102), THE STANDARD establishes the expectations for managing Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) risks throughout the Company. These expectations are endorsed by the Kosmos Senior Leadership Team as an integral part in achieving excellent business performance. They establish a standard of behaviors, practices, and management systems designed to complement the Kosmos business model and culture while considering recognized industry practices such as those associated with the International Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), American Petroleum Institute (API), the International Finance Company (IFC), and the World Bank. THE STANDARD consists of 10 “Elements,” each containing specific management system expectations with corresponding key performance measures for how Kosmos Corporate, Business Units and Operations levels within the company are to manage its HSES risks. 2 THE STANDARD | KOS-GLB-HSE0102 April 2019, Revision 5 INTRODUCTION