b'IMPLEMENTATION,1 SAFETY, HEALTHPOLICY AND 10 LEADERSHIP 2MONITORING, AND CONTINUALAND SECURITYIMPROVEMENTA F E T YE N9 S V I R 3 OT H NLEGAL ANDOTHERL M RISK AND CHANGE REQUIREMENTS A E MANAGEMENTE NH TIntroduction TH E STA N DA R DConsistent with the Kosmos Energy Business Principles8 4P DSTAKEHOLDERE E INCIDENT RELATIONS R REPORTING AND F Nand HSE Policy and Commitment, and in line withO F I INVESTIGATIONR M D EKosmos One Team One Goal philosophy, THE STANDARDA N C Eestablishes the expectations for managing Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) risks throughout the Company.7 CLIMATE 5TRAINING CRISIS These expectations are endorsed by the Kosmos Senior6 PREPAREDNESSCHANGE ANDLeadership Team as an integral part of achieving excellentENVIRONMENTAL business performance. These expectations establish aPROTECTIONstandard of behaviors, practices, and management systems designed to complement the Kosmos business model and culture. THE STANDARD aligns with recognized industry practices and applicable regulatory requirements.THE STANDARD consists of 10 Elements, each containing specific management system expectations with corresponding key performance measures that define how Kosmos intends to manage its HSE risks at the Corporate, Business Unit and Operational levels within the company.2THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 64'