THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 3 HSES MS HIERARCHY AND ACCOUNTABILITY Corporate Policies The STANDARD (HSES MS) Global HSES Standards BU HSES Procedures Project HSES Plan Environmental Management Plan Project Risk Register Waste Management Plan Environmental & Social Impact Assessment BU Emergency Response Plan Site Emergency Response Plan Contractor Bridging Document Chief Executive Officer GLOBAL HSES STANDARDS Senior Vice President, Drilling and HSE Vice Presidents of HSE/Security/Operations BU Vice President/HSE/Security Managers BUSINESS UNIT (BU) REQUIREMENTS Project or Operations Level Managers/ HSE/Security OPERATIONS/ PROJECT REQUIREMENTS (As Required) The figure below illustrates the general hierarchy and accountable authorities for the company HSES Management System (HSES MS) at the Corporate, Business Unit (BU), and Operational/Project levels of the organization. Global standards are developed at the Corporate level to provide minimum requirements for meeting HSES expectations throughout the company. They have been incorporated by reference within THE STANDARD where applicable. GOVERNANCE & IMPLEMENTATION BU level HSES requirements are intended to meet or exceed the applicable global standards and any applicable regulatory requirements. Likewise, Operations and Project level HSES requirements shall meet or exceed the upper tier Global and BU requirements when their activities are conducted within a Kosmos-owned or operated location.