b'TrainingELEMENT 7 INTENT: Incident free and environmentally responsible operations rely on well-trained people. Preparing employees and contractors to be aware of their HSE responsibilities involves ensuring they are appropriately trained to fulfill them. EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES7.1 HSE training and competencyTraining is identified and tracked in compliance with Kosmos Global Standard for HSE Training and Orientation requirements are defined and trackedContractor training programs are reviewed in accordance with the Kosmos Global Standard for Contractor HSE Management based on job risks or assignments.Training is provided to security service providers, including (as appropriate) respect for human rights consistent with theVoluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights7.2 Appropriate resources are allocatedTraining plans are developed based on Kosmos activities and requirements of the Kosmos Global Standard for HSE Training andto ensure HSE training is provided forOrientationpersonnel to perform jobs in a safe and Training compliance is measured and monitored at Corporate and BU levelsenvironmentally responsible manner.Training personnel to deliver efficient operations.16THE STANDARD | September 2022, Revision 6'