THE STANDARD | June 2019, Revision 5 5 EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES 1.6 HSES performance indicators are established and monitored.  HSES metrics are established for consistent monitoring throughout the company  HSES objectives and targets are set annually by management at the Corporate and BU levels for each metric based on current business and for continual performance improvement  Performance is reviewed by management at least monthly 1.7 HSES costs are measured, understood, and managed.  HSES needs are included within annual budgets and Authorization for Expenditures (AFEs) that support Corporate, BU, and Operations/Project activities and improvement initiatives  System in place to track HSES expenditures against budgets 1.8 Regular reviews of Co-Venturer Management system and HSES performance to ensure that the Co- Venture approach and results are acceptable.  Evaluations and audits are conducted for prospective Co-Venturers who will operate Co-Venture assets based on the maturity of their HSES MS  Periodic audits/inspections of Kosmos assets operated by Co-Venturers  Monitoring incidents associated with Kosmos assets operated by Co-Venturers  Co-Venture and Business Unit quarterly performance reviews 1.9 HSES performance is an integral part of individual and team performance.  HSES performance and results are recognized through annual group and individual performance evaluations  Awards/recognition programs are established at operational sites for both group and individual performance Demonstrating our leadership in HSES... ELEMENT 1