b'ELEMENT 1EXPECTATIONS PERFORMANCE MEASURES1.4 HSE roles and responsibilities areKosmos organizational structure is defined with documented roles and responsibilitiesdefined, documented, and assigned. Contractor roles and responsibilities are defined in contracts, HSE plans, and/or bridging documents1.5 Employees and contractors areParticipation in daily HSE meetings and Job Safety Analyses (JSA) during field activities expected to be actively involved inUse of reporting mechanisms for HSE observations improving HSE performance.Stopping unsafe work or preventing incidents from escalating Completion of HSE training and orientation1.6 HSE performance indicators areHSE metrics are established for consistent monitoring throughout the company established and monitored. HSE objectives and targets are set annually by management at the Corporate and BU levels for each metric based on currentbusiness and for continual performance improvement HSE performance is reviewed by management at least quarterlyHSE performance is an integral part of individual and team performance and results are recognized through annual group andindividual performance evaluationsEvaluations and audits are conducted for prospective Co-Venturers who will operate Co-Venture assets based on the maturity of 1.7 Applicable Co-Venturer Management systems and HSE performance aretheir HSE Management Systemreviewed to ensure that the Co-VenturePeriodic audits or inspections are performed for Kosmos assets operated by Co-Venturersapproach and results are acceptable. HSE incidents associated with Kosmos assets operated by Co-Venturers are monitored Business Unit HSE performance reviews are conducted quarterly and incorporate Co-venture activitiesDemonstrating our leadership in HSE.THE STANDARD |September 2022, Revision 65'